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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 6

Chapter 6

Missy let out something that sounded like a titch. "I wish you weren't here," she said.

Connor took his hands off the carriage and pointed at Missy. "You and your brother are nothing but users and spoiled brats!" He threw his hands up and pinched his hair. "God why did I stop? Once I knew it was you I should have turned around."

The man holding Missy by the throat stated laughing.

"Well I'm glad you find this funny Mr. because she would be the last person on earth I would willingly fore fit my life for." Connor shouted. He mumbled loudly, "It doesn't pay to be the nice guy with these Ashtons'."

Missy narrowed her eyes at Connor. "Go to hell! If my brother finds out you are involved in this Welling, he will have your head. You are the most des-"

Connor walked forward towards her a few steps. "I swear one more word you little chit and I will strike you and fill a life long desire!"

"You bastard I dare you!" She struggled against the man to get to Connor. "Your family is nothing but a joke throughout London."

Connor strode forward and grabbed her out of the man's arms so fast it shocked Missy as well as the man. Missy yelped from the force of his strength. He place his hand behind her head and slammed her body against the carriage. Missy winced as she let out a small sound of pain. He grasped her chin. "Forgive me," he whispered.

Missy gazed up into his eyes and he watched the tears stream down her face. She slapped him straight across the face with force. Connor stumbled back a step. He put one hand around her throat and placed his mouth next to her cheek and kissed it softly. "I won't let him hurt you."

Missy felt his body lean firmly against her body. His warm breath whispered to her, "God I do not want to do this."

She gazed up at him and he saw the most desperate plea for him to help in her eyes. "I'm sorry Missy. Close your eyes for me." Her gaze turned to confusion and as it did he raised his fist at her. The last thing Connor saw was an understanding fear in her eyes as she slowly closed them for him.

A solid mass of bone and muscle made contact with her cheek. Her body fell limp in his arms. Connor squeezed his closed his eyes. It was the only way to save her. Biting up his bottom lip, he raised his fist again at her lifeless body in his arm.

"Hey. Hey! You can't kill her yet. I need the bitch alive for a day or two." He took hold of Connor's arm closest to him. Connor did not release his grip.

Connor felt the chill of cool metal at his throat. He slowly turned his head and glared at the man. He wanted nothing more than to take his life. "What do you need her for?" he spat out at the man.

"Release her now," the man ordered.

Connor loosened his grip and Missy fell to the ground at his feet. "She is not worth it" He turned to walk away and mumbled, "Her father is the one I want vengeance with."

"Stop!" the man shouted. He watched Connor pause. "I can give that to you." Connor turned towards him. The man continued. "Her brother will come for her because his father will force him to, and when he does, we will be awaiting his arrival."

Connor pinched his lips in a line across his face and then said, "That does not give me vengeance on Lord Ashton."

The man smiled. "Ah but it does my friend. You see...they will both die a retched death and he will live. What better vengeance can one have leaving a man childless because of his own wrong doing."

Connor walked towards the man with caution. "You mentioned I would be surprised where she was to be taken."

The man pulled out a pistol. "Yes I did didn't I." He placed his knife back to it's place at his hip. "Your father was the one who sent me, Mr. Welling." The man chuckled at him. "Do not be so shock, Welling. Your father is far from a saint. It would seem you two carry a common desire for punishment on the same man."

Connor laughed. "It is about time the old man took revenge for what was done to our family." He laughed again making an effort to sound pleased by the thought.

 The man motioned to the men on the ground. "These two idiots knew nothing of what I was truly looking for, and by the way I need to thank you. I do believe you have saved me the effort of disposing of them."


Elly giggled. "I had always wished for Mr Welling to tell her he loved her after all this time. I mean, it was obvious they loved one another all those years ago. Missy did not leave her house for a full year after they were forbidden to love one another. She sat in her room on the balcony starring up at the sky all the time. Day and night for a full year."

"I am positive she must have felt as if a loved one had died El. i can not imagine ever being separated from my Garret." Theresa turned to her with a big smile. "Oh my this night is turning out to be an exciting one."

"Yes but we are the only two who know of it," Elly stated. They turned to one another and began giggling. "I see a marriage in the future Theresa."

"Perhaps we should not get ahead of our selves El. We still do not know if she has admitted her love for him yet," Theresa said.

"I bet you she is in his arms kissing right now, " Elly said.

Connor walked over to Missy on the ground. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. "The carriage is damaged. We will have to ride horse back." He glanced at the man and eyed him up and down. "I'll take her with me."

The man grinned. "And I shall ride behind you with my friend." He waved the pistol up in the air. "No offence of course," he added.

Connor chuckled. "If you feel more of a man with it, by all means then." He walked away to his horse down the tree line. If I try to run he will not hesitate to shoot me in the back. Out running him with Missy in this condition is out of the question. I have no choice but to go to where ever has planned to take her. He placed Missy over the horse's saddle and climbed up. Connor nestled her body between his arms. Her head rest in the crock of his neck. I can't believe my father has done this. Why?

An hour later riding up and over a ridge, Connor saw the peaks of shadows cast from an old castle in the midnight moon light. "Devils Tower, " he whispered. A name he and his brother Garret called it as children. Shadow Hill Castle was it's given name.

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