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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 12

Chapter 12

Connor's eyes flew open. He watched her slowly straddle him with her partially naked body wrapped in a sheet. His eyes locked with her's. It was there he found his peace, his reasoning...his heart all captured within her gaze. "Here we are locked in a tower and all day the only thing I can think about is last night when I first gazed at you naked."

Missy ran her hands up around his neck and softly placed her lips to his forehead. "What did you want to do when you saw me?" she whispered against his skin.

His hands gently skimmed her skin at her sides. The palms of his hands trailed up and down. "I had started at your feet removing your shoes and stockings." He ran a finger over the heel of her foot and up the back of her calf. Connor stopped at her knee and traced a circle around it. "I wanted to kiss every inch from your delicate toes to your knees."

Missy giggled lightly. "So my dress was not ripped off of my body?"

Connor blew against her neck and replied, "No it was but not at this point in time."

She kissed the left side of his temple. "No?"

"No," Connor continued, "I reached up to remove your undergarments and was surprised you were with out...them. My thought was to remove as much as I could in a respectful way and then cover you up but I soon learned my will power is weak,  so very weak when it comes, to you."

Missy kissed his other temple. "Is it now my lord?"

"I was left baffled by the thought of you running about London so naked under you dress." He ran his tongue up along the side of her neck. Connor felt Missy's fingers run threw the back of his hair as her body shuttered. "I slowly pushed your dress up and as I gazed at you Missy I believe my thoughts were sinfully naughty. My mouth wanted to taste you. My tongue desired to explore you." Connor's hands slid under Missy's bottom and squeezed. His cock was throbbing in the most painful way for her.

She let out a long moan and it was all Connor needed. He picked her up and strode over to the bed with her in his arms legs wrapped about his waist.

Connor paused and whispered, "Marry me."

Missy's eyes teared. "I've waited ten years for you to ask me this." She kissed him hard and slow.

He laid her on the bed and covered her body with his. Missy closed her legs around him again. She wanted him in every way possible. Her body ached to feel him to touch him to breathe him in. Is this even real? All these years waiting for him for this. I have to stop crying.

Missy reached up to wipe her tears. Connor took her hand in his and kissed the inside of her wrist and then with her hand in his brushed away a falling tear. "I love you Missy."

"I love you Connor and have all this time." She smiled then said, "You have no idea how many nights I thought about this moment. Prayed it would happen one day. Wondered what you would feel like inside of me."

Connor's hard length pulsated with a longing for her he had never felt before. His lips curled up. Do not ask her what, where, or how. She gazed at him and bit up her bottom lip. "Now tell me this," he kissed her neck with a deep sucking kiss. "When thinking about me," he ran his tongue under her chin to the other side of her neck and again kissed her skin deeply. "Did you ever desire to touch yourself as you longed for me to?" Connor's lips found her breast.

"Yes" Missy exhaled hard. She grabbed at his shoulders.

Connor side off to the side of her and whispered against her skin, "Show me Missy." He felt her hands slid down his shoulders across his arms and leave his body. He looked down to see her hand skimming over her belly. His breathe deepened as he watched her hands trail over the top of her thighs.

"You would touch me here Connor," she said.

He took her leg next to him and pulled it up over the side of his thigh. Oh keep going Missy. Not only will you be my wife but you will forever be the Goddess of my every sexual fantasy. He gazed at Missy's face and she had her eyes closed. He leaned in and whispered, "You are the most desirable creature and you are driving me to madness by doing this." He watched her slightly smile.

Missy reached down with her other hand and rubbed the inside of her thigh while the other hand gently closed around her breast. She heard Connor moan and then felt his mouth close over her nipple. "Connor!" she said with lustful pleasure.

The tone of her cry was a sinful call to him for more. He reached down to where her hand was and covered it with his. Moving her hand up together they touched her moist soft skin. Missy's body arched up. Connor didn't stop. His hand glided over her and finally spread her velvet pink skin open.

Missy's eyes squeezed tight. She felt the wet desire she held for him under her own finger tips. It was strange and erotic. Her body was alive and the thought of him watching her do this was igniting things within her body she didn't know existed.

"Connor please," She finally cried.

He had her hand stimulating her most sensitive spot with slow seductive strokes. His hand left her hand sliding down to her opening and with a gentle push he entered her.

Missy froze from the sudden sensation. "Connor go deeper please," she begged him.

He kissed her cheek. "I don't want to rush you or hurt you Missy."

Missy gazed at him, "No I want it to be you. I can't wait any longer Connor."

He threw his pants to the ground and laid himself between her legs positioning himself at her opening. He could see she was in a heated frenzy and was going to cum quickly. Ok go slow. Connor push the tip of his cock inside her. Holly shit! He squeezed Missy shoulders.

She pulled at his back. Connor pushed in further and then pulled back. "Missy are you okay?"

"Yes.  I'm not scared Connor." she said as she kissed his neck.

"I don't want to hurt you," he said. "Missy look at me."

Their eyes locked and he pushed in further. Missy lips parted. Connor slowly slid his entire length inside her. Missy bit up her bottom lip.

"You feel better then I could have ever imagined, Connor." She leaned up towards him and kissed him.

Their embrace was deep and he trust himself within her with slow gentle movements at first. He pulled her leg up high around his waist and Missy began to moan with long cries for more of him. Connor was barely holding out and with every little whimper and sound coming out of her it grew harder and then he felt it. Her body gripped his length and pulsated around him. Connor could hold out no longer and within seconds spilled himself deep inside her.

He held himself on his elbows over her and with breathless words he asked, "Was this everything you hoped for?

Missy giggled slightly. "You are more then I hoped for Mr. Welling.

Connor grabbed her and rolled over with her in his arms. Missy sat up straight on top of him. "You are even more beautiful from up their Mrs Welling.

Missy's head fell back with laughter. He watched her in amazement over what had taken place in the last twenty four hours. I wish I had asked you this all those-

She placed her finger over his lips and then covered them with her lips. "Shh Connor what matters is now. He wrapped his arms around her. Missy continued, "I can't believe you had me touching myself."

Connor chuckled. "I have never been so turned on. Watching you caress your self was causing my manhood to painfully long to be your hand." Connor traced his finger around one of her nipples. "There is so much more I want to do with you."

"Well you have a life time to do as you please with me Mr. Welling," Missy said as she nibbled his chin.

"I will remind you that was said from your lips twenty years from now," Connor said as he started to tickle her sides.

Missy wiggled off his body and curled up next to him. She grew quiet. "Connor?"

"Yes," he said as he pulled her into him closer.

"Are we going to be alive to get married?"

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