The Author Within Me

This is me!

My journey started 2 years ago coming out of a what I realized was a deep seeded desire to write a story about a love so passionate that it blinds a man to his own reality and nearly drives him to the brink of madness, hi my name is Cary.

I grew up in the northwest suburbs in Carol Stream, IL. The struggle to write my first novel was nearly paralyzing. I have an 8th grade education and had no clue how to even start a novel. I sat down at my laptop and committed to just write 1 chapter. 3 months later I had a finished novel and outlines for the second and third.

It was mind blowing to think I had just written a regency romance novel. Where was all this coming from all the sudden at age 36? I am naturally an artist, painting free hand murals and faux finishes, but a romance novel...really? I was now in love with the idea and ran with it, as I do with everything in my life. With my second novel in the series near completion and the third started , I am now hunting for an editor.

In August of 2011 my first grandson (I hope for a was born. I was over joyed! He is so perfect and a little chubby happy ball of love. With all the excitement it never dawned on me that I was going to have to stop writing for a long while. My daughter had just turned 16 years old when she bravely gave birth to our perfect little monkey butt. While still raising our two other children, my boys who are 15 and 13, I will now be taking care of a new baby. The sad reality washed over me. I was not going to be able to write anymore or at least for a long time.

For now I cure my desire to create characters and stories with short romantic tales, but still, it is not novel length. 6 months later it is becoming easier to find the time. I find myself staying up in the wee hours of the night to write two or three chapters. I'm trying and pushing myself to keep going and letting go of a dream to become published. I have wonderful support from friends and my two sisters and of course my greatest kids in the world, as every mom knows hers are...right?

I wouldn't change one second in my life. Everything I have done and will do has brought me to where I am right now. Life wouldn't be worth living if we didn't have some amount of struggles and challenges put in our path. For me, it drives my desire to write, paint, and live even more than I had the day before.

Update...I had written this post day before my laptop crashed and my house later that weekend started fire. So much has changed since that day I sat down to write this and never took the time to finish. Sadly for now my novels, outlines, and most of my short stories are held hostage in my other laptop. I am praying they can be retrieved soon. But for now, it will have to wait until I move, get settled, and divorced.

Tragedy has an interesting way of showing you what is not right in your life. the deep seeded desire to write a story about love and romance came from what i was lacking. Go figure. My eyes were opened wide to so may things I was choosing not to see. My hand was forced to choose different and I'm happy I have.


  1. Hi Cary,

    Thank you for sharing your personal story. I admire your creativity. You are a gifted person. I'm wishing you the best for the rest of this year.

    I'd love seeing some of your art work. You have my support. I hope you'll drop by my place, sometime soon.

    Your life, I bet, would be an interesting story for you tell, in itself. Thank you for your contribution to the literary world. I'm impressed with your ability to persevere.

    Your friend from California

    1. Pablo, good to hear from you. I had almost stopped by your sight yesterday than became sidetracked by a teen needing a ride somewhere. I will stop by now, lol :)


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