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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 8

Chapter 8

The mass amounts of wine had finally steadied his trembling hands until this moment. His desire for her throbbed with painful longing at this point. "Remember you are a gentleman." He murmured repeatedly the further up her dress went.

Delicate soft blond swirls of hair peaked out from beneath the hem of her dress. Connors eyes closed. A moral battle was taking place within him. He felt dirty and aroused at the same time. This was a task that needed to be done and yet he wished she was awake for it.

He let the material fall from his hands. Reaching out he took hold of the wine bottle on the bedside table. After taking a few swigs he gazed back down to her side and noticed a blood stain on her dress that had soaked through to the bed cover.

"Is this her blood?" Connor reached over and touched the deep red spot on her side. It was wet and as he made contact with it his finger sank into her side. "Why is she bleeding? My God was she shot?"

Fierce panic rushed through him. Connor jumped up on top of her body and straddled her. Taking hold of the open material at her chest he ripped the dress open to her waist. Finding his pocket knife at his side, he used it to cut away the material at her waist until the dress came free from her body.

"She was stabbed." He stuck his finger in the wound to gage how deep it went. His finger stopped at the first knuckle. Breathing a sigh of relief he said, "Manageable." The wound was very small and required no stitches. Connor found the water and rags at the table by the door. Her body lay exposed behind him and despite the fact she is wounded, he could not help but want to turn to her and ravish every inch of her body.

Connor turned with supplies in hand. Keep your eyes to her face. No sooner he said it, they darted down between her legs. Damn it! Standing at the end of the bed his eyes still remained where they had landed. Beautiful pink soft heaven.

He crawled up the 4 foot high bed to her feet. Rags in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, he ever so slowly and I might point out purposely moved up hoovering her body on his hands and knees.

Again an honest attempt to keep his eyes on her face was made. The key word being was. Connor approaching her upper thighs and made the mistake of gazing down. He paused. He stared. He licked his lips.

"Hidden within your luscious folds is my deepest desire for pleasure." Connor moved on and tended to her wound.

Missy's eyes fluttered open to see a strange room. Where am I? Her heart leaped as she realized she was not a lone in the bed. The weight of a man's arm hugged her across her ribcage. Slowly she turned her head to gaze a the man's face buried between her shoulder and a pillow. Oh dear God. She snapped her head forward and bit up her lips. Missy pinched her eye brows together as she looked down the length of her body. Oh dear God I'm naked!

Taking hold of the covers she jumped out of the bed not realizing it was four feet up. Landing on the floor with a thud, her covers did not follow her down.

Missy jumped up and locked eyes with Connor who was now sitting up.

"Oh!" She panicked and turned around making a full circle. "No no no! Don't look." She reached out and grabbed the covers yanking at them. They did not budge as they were wrapped around Connor's half naked body. Missy squatted down next to the bed.



"Do you need the covers?"


Missy listened to his soft chuckle as a sheet landed on her head. Quickly she wrapped herself in it and stood up.

Connor rolled out of bed on his side. "I need to remo-"

"I would like to know where my dress is," she stated.

Connor looked around at his feet. "I do not remember where I threw it."

"You better find it Welling," she spat.

Connor ran his hand threw his hair. "It is damaged Missy. I will have to fetch you another one."

"Damaged? I do not understand why it would be?" she said.

"I ripped it off of you last night. I was trying to remove it without causing any damage but then-"

"You saw me naked!" Missy shouted.

"Well I-I." Connor let out a sigh. "Look we have a past and it is nothing I haven't seen before."

"That was years ago and my breasts do not look the same," Missy said.

"I know. They are much bigger then I remember." Connor's voice trailed off at the end. He turned from her and winced as he shut his eyes. That's right just keep talking. What the hell is wrong with me?

"Who do you think you are Welling?" Missy yelled.

He turned back to her and said, "The man who saved your life twice last night! That is who I am and by the way, you're welcome."

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