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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 10

Chapter 10

Missy had not yet noticed Connor's pause. Opening her eyes her gaze locked with a guards in the mirror and as it did Connor covered her naked body with the sheet that had been laying at her feet.

Connor strode towards the door grabbing the gown from his hand and shoved the young man out of the door. After waiting a few moments he was not yet ready to turn around. With the gown in his hands he clenched it tight within his fingers and closed his eyes. Connor's breathing was still slightly labored and his erection was painfully hard.

A light gentle touch on his shoulder stilled his body as his mind went blank. "Connor," Her voice was a soft whisper. Missy reached around and took the gown from his hands. Without a word she let her fingertips trail across his hand along his arm and drift off away from his body.

He turned to face her seeing the sheet slid from her body as she walked towards the bench at the end of the bed. With her back still to him she let go of the sheet. Connor's gaze followed it to the floor. She was not more then twelve steps from him. Connor's eyes slowly ascended up the length of Missy's uncovered body. Watching her raise the night gown above her head and begin to slide it on, he desperately wanted to scream out stop.

Bloody hell just walk over to her. Standing here like a fool watching heaven disappear under a cloth. 

Missy turned to him and to her surprise set see upon only his broad bare shoulders. Disappointment and frustration welled up inside her. He stood with his hands on his hips with his head hung down.

"Connor?" Her hands were squeezing the material at her sides. She gazed at his tanned skin as it glistened in the morning sunlight. A soft beautiful tan glow that she wanted nothing more then to taste, run her lips across, and kiss forever. A flush of heat washed her body with fluttered uneasiness. Why am I suddenly so nervous? Its..Its just Connor. Missy's eyes dropped to the leg to the chair not far from him. "Just Connor," she whispered.

Did she just say "just Connor?" So ten minutes ago she was ready to give herself to me and now I'm just Connor. Her eyes finally locked with his. She appeared shaken or uncomfortable to him. "Yes," he answered her.

After staring at him for a brief moment she asked, "Why are we here and when will we be leaving?"

Connor ran his hand up threw his hair and turned from her. "I am not quit sure how to go about telling you this but it would appear you are the target, Missy." Connor strolled over to the window and gazed out at the forest tree tops. You cannot tell her about father. Damn it! How am I going handle this without getting us killed. 

"I do not understand. I thought the men were robbing the carriage and now you are telling me it is something else." Missy took in a deep long breath and then started to pace the aged  floor beneath her bare feet. "What a minute. How do you know this to be true? Did you happen to hear the guards talking?" She waited for his response. "Connor?"

"I think at this point in time the less you know the better, Missy." He had not yet turned to face her. She would see untruths in his eyes. It was something he was never able to hide from her.

"What?" She moved towards him. "I have be taken beyond my will and held in some tower like a nightmare fairytale." Missy was mere steps away from him. "I have a right to be informed-

Connor turned on his heels. "You just do not know when to listen do you?"


"Stop! You need to listen to what I  am telling you. We are in terminal danger!" He watched Missy's eyes widen. Now this is what I was thinking we-

"No I am leaving right this moment Connor." She turned from him and started walking towards the door. He reached out and took hold of her arm. "Missy stop."

"Get your hands off of me!" Missy's eyes narrowed at him.

He took hold of her other arm. "Damn it Missy!" He said as he shook her. "You and I will die." He continued threw his teeth. "The less you know the better. do you understand me?"

Missy pushed against his chest. He tightened his grip. "There is something you are not telling me Connor!"

He swung her around and stopped in front of the mirror. "Take a good look at yourself because your stubborn antics are going to kill both of us"

Missy pushed out of his arms and ran for the door. Connor ran after her tackling her to the ground. Missy screamed as loud as she could, "No!" Connor tried to covered her mouth. Missy then did the unthinkable, she kneed him in the groan. Connor let out a wretched moan. Missy pushed him off and started to get to her feet. He grabbed her leg and her face hit the chair. Missy kicked him in the chin causing Connor to bite his lower lip.

"Damn it Missy!" He staggered to his feet and placed his body in front of the door. "You are not leaving. They will all have their way with you Missy. This room is the only safe place, here, with me."

Missy pushed her body off the ground using the chair. She turned to him. Blood dripped from her forehead only matching Connor's lip. She looked wild. Connor's eyebrows pinched down. "Missy there is no need for this."

She charged at him with all her weight and slammed into his body. Connor grabbed her around the waist turning her to the middle of the room. Missy pushed him up against the wall, his body sounded off a thud as it hit.

"Quit a ruckus going on in here." The man in the door way stated with amusement smothering his voice. He stepped into the room with slow steps making his way directly in the middle.

Missy gripped Connor's hand behind her back. She was face to face with the evil it self. Pale skin covered every inch of him. So pale he looked sick. Dressed in black attire it was of a style she had not yet seen in London. She gazed at his smile revealing his gray toned teeth. My God. Her own thoughts clearly displayed across her face.

The man ginned at her in the most unrighteous way. Missy stepped back into right into Connor. "I assure you my dear you are most likely far more sound in my presents the the moment that is." His cackle fill the silence in every corner raising upward. "I believe thanks is in order. You see I must steel Mr. Welling away but do promise to return him before night fall for him to, resume whatever his plan was for you." His lips curled slightly at the corner. "Just a temporary rescue." The man bowed slowly. "My nary apology Miss Ashton."

 Connor squeezed Missy's hand and then pushed her off to the side. Without looking at her he walked past her and muttered, "I was hungry anyway." He grabbed his shirt off the floor. She has got to be scared and confused. I have to find a way to let her know i will get us out of this, I hope. The man walked to the doorway and called for the guard. Connor took something out of his pocket and placed it under his pillow.

Still without eye contact he moved towards the door. Connor stopped and turned his gaze at Missy. "Bitch." It was all he said to her. One word. One mean nasty unloving word and Missy was nothing but thankful. She saw in his eyes everything he was feeling.

The door latched shut and Missy glance over to the pillow.

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