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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 13

Final Chapter

Chapter 13
Missy's question haunted Connor hours into the night. He gazed down at her sleeping so peacefully in his arms. How am I ever going to try her about my father's involvement in this? She'll never forgive me once she finds out. Damn it! I got to get us the hell out of here tonight.
He slid his arm out from under Missy and as his feet found the floor he gazed back at her. I will die before letting anything happen to you. Connor dressed and quietly made his way to the door. A loud creek echoed down the stairwell. He waited to hear any movement from the dark cold space below. Nothing...okay. Time to wake Missy.
"Missy it's time to wake up," Connor whispered. He watched her stir for a second. Gently he placed a kiss to her soft lips. "Missy open your eyes sweetheart."
Her eyes slowly fluttered open. "I felt like i had but a moments sleep."
"That's because you have, "Connor said. "It is about two o'clock in the morning." He saw the confusion in her expression. "We are escaping tonight."
Missy sat up rather quickly. "Why will we not wait to be rescued. Someone has to know of our disappearance by now. I mean my brother must surely be in search of me."
"Heath may also believe you and I have run off to marry, Missy." Connor brushed over her cheek. "I'm afraid this is our only option."
He help her down from the bed then handed her the night gown from the floor. Connor took her by the hand guiding her towards the door that he had left ajar.
"Wait," Missy paused, "I'm terrified we will be caught, Connor."
Turning to face her Connor place his lips to her forehead and kissed her with a long embrace. "I will die before I let anything happen to you, Missy. I swear on my life." He gazed down at her. "Trust me."
He grabbed a torch and lead the way down the spiral stairway holding tightly onto Missy's hand. She had her other hand place on top of his as they walked slowly and so very quietly. They made it to the main floor and started to creep their way to the back of the castle where there was a secret passage under the castle leading out. Rat filled sewage stood knee deep at the bottom of the steps but Connor knew it was the only way out. He told himself he'd carry her if he had to.

Connor and Missy froze upon hearing shouts from behind them. He pulled her to the top of the steps and Missy stopped and yanked her hand back and away from his.

"I can't Connor!" Missy eyes teared. Her bottom lip quivered. "I can't," she whispered.
He reached out for her hand and Missy stepped back from him.
"Wait!" she cried. Gazing back to the guards quickly closing in on them, she had but moments to decide. Nervously clenching her night gown in her hands she squeezed her eyes shut. The pounding of the guards feet were drawing closer. "Missy," she heard him say. Opening her eyes she gazed down at him with breathless un decidedness. "Where are you taking me?" Missy asked him.
"Somewhere we will not be found, and you will be safe." He held out his hand to her once more. "Please Missy," his tone was deep and commanding. She could see fear in his eyes.
 "I see her! This way!" One of the guards shouted.
If she didn't make a decision soon there fates will be sealed. "Conner," she whispered to him and placed her hand in his.
He smiled and said, "I would have taken you anyways. You know that don't you?" He watched her lips curl up in that tender way that had first caught his eye. A shadow of dark gray covered Missy before him. She screamed with surprise. Her hand left his and she was dragged away.
"Connor!" a curtailing scream, Missy's scream for him for his protection riped through him as he fell backwards. The room went black. Connor was unconscious and dreaming of the first night they had rediscovered one another.
The hard edges of the chair slammed into her bottom as she was shoved down onto a chair in front of a man. He stood with his back to her. His silver hair in the dim lite room glistend from the glow coming from the fireplace.
"Leave us now." The man ordered loudly.
Missy sat waiting for him to turn to her and reveal himself. Seconds turned to minutes. The man just stood in place smoking a pipe. No words escaped past his lips. No movement other then his arm for the pipe.
"Ah I see you have arrived after all,"  Velture's evil devious voice filled the empty space.

Missy did not turn to look at him. Instead her gaze remained on the mysterious man in front of her.

"Yes I arrived only but an hour ago," he answered.

Why does his voice sound so familiar? And the smell of his pipe. Missy in this moment realized who she was staring at. Oh no, it can't be. She watched him turn and their eyes locked. She couldn't hide the hurt swelling up in her eyes. Missy knew he saw it even in the poor lit room. Why? Was all she could think.

"It would seem your son has changed plans on us." He grinned slightly. "Unfortunately he has encountered some unfortunate injuries." Velture watched Lord Welling's expression fall to the side of concern. He walk up behind Missy and pulled lightly as he stroked the back of her hair. "I do hope," he bunched up a handful of her hair and yanked her head backwards, "she was worth," gazing down at her he drew closer, "possibly giving his life for." 

Missy gasped. No please do not let this be happening. I can't lose him again!

"Where is he?" Lord Welling asked.

The man released Missy's hair. "They are bring him to the study in the south wing." Velture circled Missy's chair slowly and then gazed to Lord Welling. "Perhaps a drink is in order, Lord."

"Yes perhaps," he said and walked to the canter on the opposite side of the room.

Velture leaned down next to Missy's ear and whispered, "Do tell me did you like it when he had you touch your dirty body?" He watched her begin to tremble. A small chuckle emerged out of him at the sight of her. "Oh I'm sorry how rude of me. You see Lady Ashton, I'm a bit of a peeping Tom and I so much enjoyed peeping in on you."

Tears spilled over down her cheeks and Missy had no hope of stopping them. His icy skin from the back of his hand touched her cheek. Missy's body shuttered and she squeezed her eyes shut.

"Velture," Lord Welling handed him a drink.

"Thank you, Lord." He turned his back and walked towards the fire place.

Lord Welling tapped Missy's shoulder and her gaze flew to him. He winked at her and gave her the most caring look to reassure her of his intentions. Missy's lips parted and Lord Welling quickly put his index finger to his lips and then tried to smile for her. Missy mouthed the name Connor and he nodded to her in understanding.

A loud knock filled the room and drew every one's attention. Velture strode across the room and opened the large solid wood door. "He has awaken my Lord and is requesting your presence immediately," the guard stated.

Velture bellowed out loud, "Well then so be it." He turned to Lord Welling, "Do you care to join me?"

Welling stood straight. "I would like to speak with him here. have the guards bring him to me."

"I don't think so Lord Welling. He is at present tied up right now," Velture said.

"Tied up! Untie him and bring him here, "Welling demanded.

Velture glared at him for a long moment then said, "He is a trader and will remain where he is...Lord Welling."

"This is my-

"Let me remind you who's men fill the walls of this castle and who's men are surrounding every entrance to the castle....mine!" Velture took a couple of deep breaths then continued, "I will not take orders from you. If you desire to converse with you son go to him."

Lord Welling knew he was right and was left unsure of what to do. As he had decided to challenge Velture's word the door came crashing open sending Velture to the ground. "Connor!" he shouted with surprise.

Connor jumped on top of Velture grabbing hold of his jacket. "You vile filth!" He slammed his head to the stone floor. Connor managed to smash Velture's head a few times before three guards jumped on him.

Lord Welling ran at the group of men and punched one of the guards knocking him off Connor.

Movement in the doorway caught Missy's eye and she saw Heath striding into the room followed by Garret and Ben.

After Connor was freed from the pile of men he stumbled his way to Missy's side. "Are you alright?" He hadn't waited for her answer and kissed her hard. "My God I was so worried about you. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get to you." He kissed her again wrapping her up in his arms.

"Connor, I thought you were dieing. Velture said you were-

Connor took her face in his hands. "I said I would do what ever it took to keep you safe. Dying was not an option." He smiled at her softly. "I will never leave you again, Mrs Welling."

Missy burst out in a half laugh half cry. Connor untied her arms from the chair.

"Welling," a voice commanded from behind him. Connor closed his eyes as he stood up to face Heath. "Thank you for going with my sister to keep her safe."

Connor shook his head in disbelief and his words. "I love Missy and have asked for her hand, Heath."

Heath held his hand out. "After what my father hears of your heroic actions here I am sound in the fact he will approve."

Garret approached his father. "What is going on here father?"

Lord Welling pulled from his pocket a note and a handkerchief. He handed over the note to his son and wiped off his face with the hanky.

Garret turned from him as he read the note out loud.

Dear Lord Welling,

   My name is Beth Velture sister to Dell Velture. Ten years ago you bought up our land that we were unable to pay on any longer. It had been in our family for generations. My father vowed revenge onto you and your family. My fear is that my brother has now set out to kidnap the woman your son loves in order to draw your family to a castle. At this point his plan is to kill everyone you hold dear while you watch.

   Please take this letter to heart and do not toss this aside as silly. I over heard him this morning going over this plan. My brother is very sick and has recently escaped a hospital. I will not turn him in for fear of my and my daughter's life.

Take caution,

Beth Velture

Garret turned to his father. "Why did you not tell us all about this?"

"I thought i could handle it besides I truly believed she was referring to Theresa." He slummed down in a chair and hung his head.

Connor walked over and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Father, I think I would have chosen to do the same thing"

Garret shouted out, "Perhaps you two are more alike then you care to admit to father." The room filled with laughter.

Missy stood across from El. She observed her gaze to the other side of the room. Missy followed her line of sight and landed on Heath. She gasped softly.
"What was that I heard?" Connor asked as he slid his arm about her waist. "Is the baby kicking again? I'll have to have another talking to with him."
"He is a her," Missy replied, "and no it is not that."
Connor leaned down and kissed her neck.
"El is staring at Heath and he is gazing at her like a fool," Missy said.
Connor chuckled against her skin. "Perhaps they are in love"
"Well perhaps she should find a man with a heart or personality. I mean, what could she possible see in him?" Missy said.
Connor kissed her neck again and said, "Something only he shows to her."
Missy smiled and turned in his arms. "Like I do with you?"
"Yes and I hope forever with only me even though it was once forbidden, "Connor stated.
Missy giggled and then whispered next to his ear, "A forbidden love is the best kind."

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