Whispers In The Night

 Chapter 1
Quinten stands in the large picture window gazing at his own reflection as he thinks of her. His eyes fall down to a book left on the window seat before him. The leather is a pale lavender. Quinten picks it up and opens to the place that has been marked with a pink ribbon.

May 11, 1822

His deep sultry voice whispers to me as no man before him has, "You are a desire I can't run from Hanna."

He reaches his hand up and gently brushes a lock of my hair from my cheek. When his finger trails across me, he leaves my skin burning with a deep wanting for him. Leaning in closer with his body cradling me with the strength of him, he softly says, "Nor will I try to."

I wanted nothing more then for him to take me. His gaze burns through me and finds the core of my existence and I feel my heart ignite into an firestorm. Am I his desire? How could those big dark eyes do so much to my body in a matter of seconds? It scares me to think what might happen if our lips were to ever touch.

When I close my eyes I can't help but think about his body pushing up against me. The power of his presence behind me makes me tremble uncontrollably. He knows he is the soul cause of this too. I somehow felt it from him. His breath deepened in my ear as his body tensed long mine. The over whelming potency of the air around us thick with our passion was intoxicating. The pure essence of it left me in a poised state of waiting. Waiting for his words. Waiting for his touch. Waiting for his kiss.

Is this what happens to lovers? All the confusion. The desperate longing. The need to feel something from him...anything. I want to scream stop and at the same time cry out for him to touch more of me. Take me in your arms! Take me, all of me and cease me with your lips.

"Hanna, you have never been kissed before have you? Has no man ever touched you like this?"  Quinten ran the palm of his hand along the side of my breast down to my waist a squeezed me. I let out a small whimper that could not be helped. Was I foolish for shaking my head no. Should I have tried to convince him of a false? Does he care if I have not?

"Quinten I-"

"Sshhh," he whispers.

His lips graze my neck so very softly almost as if being ticked by a passing breeze. It causes me to wonder what his warm moist tongue feels like elsewhere on me. He then trails his gentle lips up to my ear and whispers, "Now you have."

A rush from the cool night air fills the space where his body just was. I should have called out to him to come back but I was confused. I have never felt this way before. The smell of him when he draws near paralyzes my words. The very thought of catching his eye thrills and terrifies in the same moment. How can I possibly want something so desperately and be frighted by what he may deliver onto me. My mind races to make sense of the moment while my body screams for him to touch all of me. My heart cries for him to embrace me tighter.

The notion of never being able to feel this way for another second in time causes distress within me. He has captivated my soul with his words, his gaze, his touch. How am I to turn away from this? Is it real? Is what I see in him real?

My fantasies of him are growing more intense. The added reality of what I now know has mixed with the desire of the unknown.

"Quinten," I cry out in a moment of pleasure. It is a torturous fantasy that plays with me nightly. Last night I awoke heated and wet. He does the most wicked things to me in my dreams. He whispers sensual desires he carries for me.

I can no longer face him without my cheeks burning. All the sinful fantasies from the night before play in my mind as he gazes at me. From the moment our eye met the nightly fantasies started and have never stopped. I feel so foolish thinking naughty things of him in his presence. Sometimes it's as if they really happened when I gaze at him. The way he looks at me it is as if he is hungry for something I hold. At times I find myself stepping forward to go to him. To fill his hunger and my own desires for his touch. It scares me. It draws me in. It consumes my thoughts and teases my senses of longing. How am I to fight this? To hide this? To push aside all the erotic nights of passion I share with him in my dreams? 

I must leave soon. Tomorrow I will spend the day avoiding him and then I will take my leave. There is simply no other way. For if I do not...I will give into this lust I hold for him. I feel, no, I'm scared I will only be left with a broken heart.

Hanna lay in her bed thinking of what she shall say in the morning as a reason to leave. She suddenly sits up and says, "My journal." Jumping the four feet down to the floor, she takes of swiftly walking out the door towards the stairs. Panic is welling up within her. She knows she had left it on the window seat earlier and curses herself for doing so.

Making it down the two flights of stairs to the main floor, her walk now turns into a run. The room is all the way in the back of the estate where no one ever visits. The halls are dark with only spots of silver moonlight to illuminate her path. The extra narrow halls in the older part of the estate does not afford much room to maneuver.

She stops dead in her bare feet on the wood floors as she sees the glow of candle light from the crack under the doorway. "Oh God...no," she managed to pant out. Her unpinned hair blows from her face with every inhale and exhale. She reaches out and turns the door knob.

Quinten turns towards her with the journal in his hands. She stands before him in her pale pink night gown breathless. Stands of her thick long black hair still blow from her face with every exhale. The deep pink color of her cheeks warm her creamy soft skin.

He is stunned by her appearance. Her skin is glowing with moister and her panting is sexually rhythmic. The frame of Hanna's body stands out against the black hallway behind her affording him to admire the curves of her through the thin night gown in the candle light. The gown does not hide her hardened nipples grazing against the material with every breath she draws in.

Hanna backs up from the doorway realizing he has read it all. He sees the embarrassment flood her eyes open wider with terror. She turns and begins to run towards the way she came.

"Wait Hanna, wait!" Quinten tosses the book onto a chair and takes off after her. She has a good head start but not good enough. Quinten soon catches up to her and grabs her by the arm spinning her body towards him. "Hanna please stop." He sees the tears glistening in her beautiful blue eyes.
 Pushing against him she pleads, "Do not do this Quinten. Let go and let me be."

"I can't!" She softens in his grasp. "I won't." Quinten loosens his grip further. "Not ever Hanna. Not in this lifetime."

Hanna awoke with tears streaming down her face. A nightmare of a fantasy that had almost been real...was real a time ago. She lay her head back to the soft comfort of the pillow turning her head towards the window. She gazes up at the stars and whispers, "Where are you Quinten? Come back to me."

Third Novel in the series "Whispers of Desire"

Release in Fall 2013