Sunday, January 29, 2012

Romantica vs Erotica ~ What is Romantica

What is the difference between romantica and erotica? I am asked this quite often. The answer is to me is a perfect mix between romance and erotic novels.  The novels must have all of the following for me to consider it a true romantica novel. HEA ending ( happy ever after ending), a deep earth shattering connection between the hero and heroine, a great story line, and, of course, intense and steamy non flowered love scenes with explicit sex scenes, and lots of them or at least sexual tension.

When I have searched the word romantica into google, a number of items came up. A publisher, a rose, a few blogs, a boat, a hotel, a music band, and my list goes on. I will admit I thought it to be a Spanish word. Romantica is such a sexy word it almost screams Spanish sexy to me anyway.

I will continue to use romantica to describe my novels. My sister believes they are more erotic, but I do not think she has really read many erotic novels. Most erotic novels to do follow the HEA rules of traditional romance novels in my opinion. I enjoy reading erotic novels but I really need the romance to be there for me to get into the novel.

Any other definitions or opinions please leave your comments. They are always welcomed.

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