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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 11

Chapter 11

Connor Walked down the narrow stone stairwell that was noting more then a spiral cold tunnel. No windows providing any natural sunlight ever entered this passage. The walls a dim gray with black slim of some kind, a mold perhaps, seemed it seep out of every crack between the lifeless blocks. God, I hate this place. The walls of this stairwell ooze evil itself. The sudden need to be carrying holy water and a crucifix tucked away inside my pocket is tapping me on the shoulder right now.

Reaching the ground floor he was lead a library, the castle had three, this particular one was situated in the back of the residence.

"Please, do take a seat, Mr. Welling." The man said motioning in a lazy way with his index finger to the chair opposite from him in front of the desk. He appeared to Connor as being irritated or bothered in some way.

Connor's gaze skimmed the room. He pulled out a chair and sat. He needed to somehow gain control of the situation and find a way out without alerting anyone. The next ten minutes were crucial. Connor has to remain cold and vengeful which won't be easy as he was about to stare straight into the devil's eyes. The man made his spin shiver.

A plate of food was set in front of Connor. He almost did it. He nearly looked up to the servant and thanked him. Jesus that's all it would take is one slip up like that. Grabbing the fork he dug in like he said he was starving earlier up in the tower. It was forced. He knew Missy was starving up in that dungeon of a tower. Gazing up only once to the man sipping his coffee watching him, Connor ate the entire plate.

Missy walked over to the pillow and lifted it. Her hand flew to her chest wear it normally would lay. The only thing she had left of Connor hung around her neck for the last several years, never left it. Reaching down she scooped it up. Her hand clasped it tight and all she saw was Connor's smile in her mind. Is it possible he feels the same way he had all those years ago? Missy opened the palm of her hand and gazed at the locket. Carefully she unclasped the locket, something she had not be able to bring herself to do for quite some time now. Is it truly forever, this love, this 

"When will my father be arriving?" Connor asked.

The man's lips formed a straight line. Leaning back in his chair he clamped his pale hands together. "I do believe we will not be expecting him for a few more day if at all. It appears he has left the disposal details to me."

Mustering up a horrid gaze, Connor peered into the empty shell of the man. "I am not surprised by this. My father never did posses the stomach for such things." Connor paused for a moment. Raised his hand to his chin letting it rest there. "What is confusing to me is why my father never mentioned any of this to me."

The man leaned forward and set his elbows on the desk. "I could not tell you why, Mr. Welling." His smile revealed his gray chops. "This part of the job is always bothersome to me. Females and children," his gaze crept for the desk to to Connor's face, "Is always so tempting to play and linger with."

Connor's heart was racing faster then it ever had. Dear God he truly is a monster. Missy is not safe. Think of something believable to say now. His toes curled inside his boots. He shifted in his chair and stared at the leg of the desk for a spell. Finally he gazed up to the man. "I find your statement to be very disturbing but at the same time it is not my business to judge or assume you to be sick in some way. I do not share your desire for torture nor lingering suspended state of pain. With that said I would like to confide in you that when it comes to the Ashton's I...I do carry a deep seeded-

"Please, no more needs to be said Welling," He rose to his feet, "I will gladly allow you to dispose of Miss Ashton in what ever way you see fit provided that she will be dead in the end." He held out his hand to Connor.

Connor stood and took a step forward. "I didn't much like you at first but will openly admit you are a sound cleaver leader." He met the man's hand and shook it. "Thank you for your understanding in this matter. How much time do I have?"

The man bellowed out in delight. "As much or little as you would like Welling."

Connor strode down the back corridor barley making it to the back balcony before releasing all his breakfast into the shrubs below. What the hell is he? Not human. Damn it! What am I going to do?


Heath entered Garret's study without announcement. "I want to know what the bloody hell is going on, Garret?"

Gazing up from his paperwork Garret's eyes narrowed. "I beg your pardon?"

"Missy has vanished and I demand to speak to your," Heath snapped his tone low and his voice trembled.

He took notice Heath was clearly shaken by the tragedy and unknown details of Missy's disappearance and rose from his desk. "Heath please have a seat," he pointed to the club chair by the fire. "Tomas...Tomas." He shouted from the doorway.

"Yes sir." The footman appeared just around the corner. Garret whispered to the man and then sent him off. "Without haste!" he added.

Knowing the mid hour of the morning Garret took no caution with it and poured Heath a brandy. He took a seat in front of him and said, "I called for Connor. It will be a while before he arrives for his town home in town." Garret sat back and with all the compassion he could serve to Heath he said, "Start from the beginning please."

Heath shook his head. "I have hystarical women at my home. A whole group of them!" Gulping his brandy Heath finished it off in seconds. Garret held up the bottle.

"My hope is that Connor is not involed in this Heath." Topping off his own glass he paused. "Would it be so terrible for Missy and Connor to marry?"

"My father may take it into consideration but if they have elopped there will be no forgivness, Garret."

"Sir...I have urgent news." The young footman intrupted.

"Go on with it,"Garret said.

"We have found one of the Ashton's carriages and...and"

"And what boy?" Heath shouted.

"There are dead bodies. Two men."

Garrent shot out of his chair. "Show us where."

Thirty minutes later after learning Connor was nowhere to be found as well and none of the bodies were him Garret and Heath were now more concerned then ever.

Both of them stood at the side of the road. Garret gazed up and down the road. "Well, let's focus on what we do know about this. Missy's belongings are still in the carriage so we can rule out a robbery."

Heath clenched her coin purse in his hand. "Yes and the two men sustained wounds by the hands of a man, well the ones that caused their end. No gun was recovered."

"And no knife. There are two sets of horse prints leading off towards the north but three sets of foot prints next to the carriage on the same side." Garret bent down reaching behind the wheel." Heath is this Missy's do you think?"

Heath took the button in his hand. "Yes it was what she was wearing last night." He walked to the edge of the road. "What the bloody hell happend here last night?"

"Heath, let us take comfort in the thought if Connor is involved he is keeping her safe."

"I believe that to be true." Heath's attention was caught by the stark cream color of paper peeking out of a a pile of leaves. He turned of his heels with the card in hand. "Garret." He flipped it out towards him and it read Connor Welling.

Garret gazed up and down the road again. He started jogging north looking at the road side as he did. Heath watched him stop several yards ahead and hold up another card. Returning to Heath's side he said, "He left us a trail to follow."

Connor spent the remainder of the day reaquanting himself with all the secrate passages in and out of the castle. By the time he returned to the tower night was blinketing the sky.
The gaurd at the door was red eyed and slouching. "You are releved of your post for the night," Connor said as he reached the last few steps. The man looked shocked. "Provided you return in the morning when I am ready to leave for the day."
"Yes sir...I mean my lord," he stuttered then bowed before Connor.

Entering the room Connor noticed the evidence the meal he ordered for Missy had barely been touched. A single candle light the opposite side of the room next to the bedside poorly. Golden hues flickered a fought against the cold gray stone trapping it into a small space in the room.

Missy lay in the bed on side in Connor's spot where he laid the night before. Her legs exposed from the knee down. A dim white sheet tucked under her arms. Connor looked around the room and saw her night gown draped over the mirror. His heart lept at the thought of her naked body from last night.

Quietly Connor removed his coat and unbuttoned his shirt. Grabbing a chair at the table he turned it out to face the bed and he had the night before. He removed his boots and his shirt. Reaching up he ran his hands over his face and the up threw his hair. I wish this was not happening. How is it I always find myself in the most outrageous situations. The thought of her naked body laying under his popped up in his mind again. His head was hanging over the back of the chair and he again ran his hands up threw his thick hair. "Oh Missy," he mumbled.

The soft whisper of breathe trailed across his cheek. "Yes."


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