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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 3

Chapter 3

Connor gazed up from across the ball room to see Missy standing at the top of the stairs. She looked radiant in her soft pink gown. Even more so than she had a few nights ago. Perhaps she is looking for me. Maybe she is waiting for someone. A man? No, a friend most likely. He glanced quickly around to see if anyone was watching for her as well. Connor adjusted his collar and straightened his coat. By the time he looked to the balcony again, she was gone. Where did she go?

He spotted Missy heading for the entrance. Connor walked swiftly to catch her before he could no longer see her, but failed. After a few moments he stood in the crowded entry to the grand ball room surrounded by bodies flooding in at him.

Missy made her way down the stairs to the entrance.

"Where are you going Missy?" Theresa asked.

She turned to face her. "I am leaving for home."

"Oh no you are not Miss. You know very well there are a band of robbers that have been holding up carriages the last two weeks," Theresa stated.

"We have an armed guard and the driver. I'm positive I will be perfectly safe." With that said, Missy turned and disappeared into the crowd.


He turned to see Theresa walking in his direction. "Have you just arrived?"

"No I was looking for someone," he answered without eye contact.

Theresa gazed in the direction Connor was. "I think it to be impossible to find anyone in this herd Connor."

He glanced down to her. "Perhaps you are right Terry."

"Terry?" She stared up at him and watched him squirm for a second. "Theresa...Connor."

"I know your name...I just-"

She began laughing at him. Connor did not know what to make of her behavior. Theresa looped her arm through his and said, "Come on Collin."

Connor paused and smiled widely at her. "As you wish Terry."

She led him towards the others in the group. standing in the middle of the room. as he approached his gaze locks with Heath's. Murmurs of voices trailed silent as he joined the circle. Connor refused to be the first to break eye contact with Heath. Go ahead say something. Give me a reason to deck you.

"Good evening Connor...Pardon me," Elly quickly cleared her throat. "Mr. Welling."

"Good evening mam." Connor replied and as he did he noted a flash of anger or maybe frustration spark in Heath's glare at him.

"I suppose you do not recall who I am after all these years," Elly said. Heaths eyes darted to Elly with the way she said it to him and Connor noticed.

Connor looked down at her bright smile. "Little Eli?"

"Yes!" Her smile grew. "You do remember me."

"My apologies, of course I do." out of the corner of his eye he saw Heath's fist tighten slowly. "How could I possible forget such a dazzling smile such as yours, Eli?" Connor knew he may be pushing Heath but did it anyway and leaned in closer to her while gazing at Heath and said, "Honestly your smile is far more striking then I had remembered it to be Eli." She let out a small giggle as Heath's jaw set firm, clenching his teeth.

The conversation within the circle fell back into it's own normal rhythm. Connor waiting and watched for any sign of Missy. Finally he could not stand it any longer, he had to know. Leaning down to Elly, he asked, "Do you happen to know where Missy has gone to?"

"She has returned home for the evening Connor," Theresa said rather loudly.

Connor hoped the disappointment of Theresa's words were not displayed across his face. "I see," he said simply.

"Alone," Elly added.

"Connor whipped his head to Elly. His eyebrows pinched down. "Pardon?"

"She left alone," she repeated.

His expression took on a serious state. "Why is she alone?" his words were short and louder then he intended them to be.

"I did attempt to stop her but Missy would not listen to reason Connor," Theresa said.

"I am certain she will be quite fine," Garret added.

Theresa turned to him." A band of thieves is running a muck in this area most likely as we speak and are thugs. Last week Lady Nell was held up and thrown from the carriage as they were moving."

"Yes I was informed she broke her hip," Elly added.

A million things ran through Conner's mind as he listened to the women. How could Heath have allowed this? She is alone. He took a few steps towards Heath landing face to face with him.

Missy gazed out the carriage window into the dark night. Clip clopping of hooves soothed her thoughts from running away. I hate this stretch of rode. She slowly closed her eyes. Perhaps this was not such a clever idea riding without more company. Oh you are being silly. I will be home in less then twenty minutes sitting in a wonderful hot bubble bath. The corners of her lips curled up. She could feel the warm blanket of water engulfing her naked body. Missy opened her eyes and realized the carriage was slowing down.

The group looked to Heath. "Are you going to tell me you gave her permission to leave without-"

Heath chuckled aloud. "No one gives Missy permission for anything...the woman does not ask for it." Connor's glare grew hard at him. "It would seem you do not remember her strongest qualities Mr. Welling."

"Oh, I remember enough to know her feelings still hold firm in her opinion of you, her own brother." Conner turned and walked away.

Missy's body jolted off the seat as she heard a warning shot fire by the driver or maybe the guard. Rumblings of mens' voices flooded around the carriage. She did not dare draw back the curtains fearing to see their faces staring back through the window at her. Missy's hands and legs began to tremble sending a surge of emotion up the rest of her.

More gun fire rang out in the night and a large thud on top of the roof followed. Missy saw the shadow of a man's body fall to the ground outside the window. "Ah," she shrieked. Quickly covering her quivering lips, Missy knew they had heard her.

A soft gentle sound tapped at the window. It was terrible odd soft sound given the violence taking place around it. She felt her body slither up and back against the seat. It would be a matter of moments before the door swung open.

Connor rode hard along the dry dirt rode. Every once in a while he would hit silver patches of moon light peaking through the trees lining the rode. The country was dark very dark which was one of the reasons he loved it so much. The blackest of nights never bothered him. He welcomed them to be honest. "Wait...I'm scared of the dark Connor." Her voice rang out in his head. She had always had a fear of it. The memory of her slidding into his hand to hold it tight sent a chill through him. "Missy," he wispered to himself.

The knocking on the carriage window stopped. Missy paused holding her breath. She couldn't bring herself to close her eyes ignoring her fear that was begging her to do so. Suddenly a crashing shatter blew glass all over her body. Missy let out a curdling scream.

"Hey boys, we have a lively one in here." One of the men said. He grabbed Missy by the ankle and pulled her towards the door. "Come on now stop squirming. It won't take long." The others laughed at that.

Missy kicked him hard in the face and he fell back into another man behind him. An arm reached inside the carriage grabbing a handful of her hair. "Little bitch!"

"No!" she screamed louder then before.

Connor heard a faint scream ahead of him somewhere. His heart began race with fear. He kicked the horse hard. "Come boy!" He knew it was Missy. His heart told him it was her.

Missy's body hit the ground. She barely felt it. The man lifted her up slamming her back with force against the carriage not once but twice. Everything started to go out of focus and she felt heavy all of the sudden.

"Oh no. This one is all mine tonight," The man holding his nose came up from behind the other holding her. He was shoved back with the free arm that wasn't holding her up. The man behind him took a swift hard swing and landed his fist right on Missy's cheek.

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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 2

Chapter 2

Connor felt the fury of a hundred men run threw him. Heath has put his own sister up to this without her knowing it?

Heath flashed him a grin and then turned and left. Upon entering the carriage he looked to Missy. "Did he touch you?"

"No!" Missy replied. She turned away from him and stared out the window into the night. Connor. After all these years. He looks nothing like he use to as a child. The carriage hit a pothole and she felt the jolt. It shook her from the toughts. Heath was glaring at her and she could feel it. He had no right bargging out on the balcony like that. As if I am some child that needs a firm hand on me.

"Do not look at me that way Missy. You should be thanking me instead of squinting at me. If it was Father who had found you." He stopped and just shook his head. "I am no fool Missy. I am a man and I know just what Welling was thinking."

"You can be certian of no such thing Heath! Stop assuming and stay out of my business for once." She crossed her arms and her eyes fell back upon the window. The remainder of the carriage ride home was long. Neither of them said another word to one another.

Two days later at the Morton Ball

Missy felt Theresa's arm loop through her arm. "Do not tell me you have volunteered to chaperon me this evening Theresa." Missy received a sideways smile from her. "I gave my word I shall be on my best behavior."

"I respectful accepted the request knowing you would keep your promise. Your brother worries about you is all Missy."

She rolled her eyes. "Controlling is what he is Theresa and do not attempt to tell me different, he is my brother after all my dear cousin." Taking in a deep breath she finally said, "I was not aware it was Connor that night Missy." Theresa stopped and looked at her with a warm compassion. "I feel foolish for not recognizing him. If I had I would've never spoken to him. I love my brother and remain loyal to my family. Besides, I am certain he was unaware I was who I am as well."

Theresa began walking to the ball room again. "Oh I know he did not Missy."

Missy paused. "Why? What did he say to you?"

Theresa gazed into her wide pale blue eyes and saw a spark of more than just curiosity in them. She patted her arm lovingly and said, "I was getting the feeling he felt as foolish as you do is all."

Missy knew she was not going to be able to pry any more details out of her. Now was not the time.

Missy heard Heath's voice close by. Theresa squeezed her arm when she saw Garret. Her cousin was so in love with this man. Missy released her arm and gave Theresa a smile when she glanced back at her.

The couple left to the dance area leaving her to stand with Heath. She did her best to ignore him which wasn't hard given he was not much for conversation with her anyways.

"Missy! Missy!" She turned to see her good friend Elly. "I think everyone in the ton is in attendance tonight," Elly said.

"It most certainly feels that way. Elly, you are wearing my favorite dress on you. Pink is your best color." Elly smiles at her. "I am so happy you are back from the country. How was it?"

Elly smiles at her again. "You know I do not care for the country. This is what I love. All the balls and people. I feel out of sorts in the boring country." She gazed over to Missy's bother. "Good evening Heath." He turns slightly and gazes down at her and with a smile.

Missy steps between them and nudges Elly in the opposite direction. Walking away she said, "Do not pay him any of your attention. It would simply be but a waist El." After they had gone a good distance Missy whispered to her, "You are not going to believe what happened to me a few nights ago El."

"Do not keep me in suspense. What is it?"

Missy guides her up the staircase away from eager ears to gossip. "I met someone wonderful three nights ago."

El grabbed her arms. "Is he here tonight? Will you introduce us?" Elly saw her eyes sadden. "What is wrong Missy? Is he married?"

"No nothing like that. He is amazing and funny and so handsome I was melting in his arms when he kissed me?"

"You kissed him!"

"Shh El," Missy whispered. "Yes. After we had such stimulating conversation. I have never felt such a strong connection with another like I had with him. Heath found us on a balcony and dragged me away."

"Oh I see," Elly said. "Perhaps he will call upon you soon and then apologize to-

"No El. That will never happen. I am forbidden to see him and have been for many years now."

Elly tilted her head. "I'm confused."

"It was Connor Welling. Oh El, I did not even know it." Missy knew Elly would be as surprised as she was at the news.

"But how Missy? How did you not know?

"He did not know it was me either El." She gazed down over the increasing crowd. "I guess we have both changed so much these past ten years. El, he looks nothing like he had. He is built and so handsome and charming." Missy gazed back at Elly. "Why are you smiling like that at me?"

"Oh no reason other than you have been only kissed twice in your life and both by the same man. I find it romantic. Your very first kiss with the boy who you had a crush on, and now with the man who used to be that boy." Elly sighed. "It is fate Missy."

Missy rolled her eyes. "Really? Fate had me kiss the same person twice and both times fate also had my brother find me and drag me away. That is not fate El. Bad luck is what it is called."

"I do hope he is here tonight Missy. I want to see your future handsome husband," Elly said.

"Missy closed her eyes and then said, "I do not know way I talk to you anymore El. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard you say." Fate.

"What did Heath say when he discovered you with Welling?"

Missy turns to gaze out over the crowd. "He was his usual self. Mean, heartless, and angry. You know El. "Missy pauses and bits up her bottom lip. "He did not afford me a chance to explain."

"All on London knows how Heath and Connor feel about each other. You could not of been so surprised Missy. Besides, I happen to cross paths with Heath the other afternoon in the park and he was quite pleasant. He can be somewhat charming you know." Elly glances at Missy. "Oh stop gawking at me that way...he was very pleasant." Her voice trails off to a whisper.

Missy let out a huff and shakes her head at Elly. "If you find him to be so charming than perhaps you should go and seek him out El."

Elly places her hand on her hip and says, "Perhaps I shall do just that!" Elly spins around and leaves for the stairs.

"You can inform him I will be returning home shortly without an escort, thank you!"

Elly pauses and turns back to Missy but says nothing. Missy watches as Elly disappears into the ever growing crowd.

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A Forbidden Love So Passionate They Will Do Anything To Save It...Chapter 1

Connor Welling & Missy Ashton

Short Romantica Story

Chapter 1
A Forbidden Love.

With a torch in one hand, he took her hand in his other and pulled her towards the stairs leading down.

"Wait!" she cried. Gazing back to the guards quickly closing in on them, she had but moments to decide. Nervously clenching her night gown in her hands she squeezed her eyes shut. The pounding of the guards feet were drawing closer. "Missy," she heard him say. Opening her eyes she gazed down at him with breathless un decidedness. "Where are you taking me?" Missy asked him.

"Somewhere we will not be found, and you will be safe." He held out his hand to her once more. "Please Missy," his tone was deep and commanding. She could see fear in his eyes.

"I see her! This way!" One of the guards shouted.

If she didn't make a decision soon there fates will be sealed. "Conner," she whispered to him and placed her hand in his.

He smiled and said, "I would have taken you anyways. You know that don't you?" He watched her lips curl up in that tender way that had first caught his eye. A shadow of dark gray covered Missy before him. She screamed with surprise. Her hand left his and she was dragged away.

Conner felt his body falling backward and then an excruciating thud to his head. They must have tumbled down two flights of stairs before stopping in a mangled pile. Three of the four guards rose to their feet. The forth lay dead with a broken neck. "Take Lord Welling to his father," one of them said and then spit on Connor's feet. He pulled Connor's head up by his hair. "Ha, he shouldn't be any trouble now."

"And the lady?" one of the others asked.

"Secure her in the dungeon. I will deal with her shortly myself."

The others laughed wickedly. I need to get up. She needs me. He could not even manage to lift his own head up. Fighting the black silence that was coming for him was mute. Connor blacked out.

 ~ ~ ~
He Found Himself Back at his father's home. A great gathering of friends and family came together to celebrate his older brother Garret’s engagement. He felt like he had not seen everyone in so long, it was odd.

"Connor, you will be next in line my friend," Ben patted him on the back. "It is good to see you again my friend."

"Ah," Connor said shaking his head. "Not any time soon. I am not Garret and have nil desire to marry just yet." He sipped his brandy. "I have heard throughout town you are back on the market."

Ben's lips pinched together. "I have to say Connor; I do not know what I was thinking last season. I mean we are not that advanced in years. So what is the rush?"

Connor lifted his glass to Ben's. "Well for now the heat is off me with Garret’s wedding, but, I assume not for long. Between my father wanting to secure a male heir and my mother insisting someone give her a grandchild before she is too far in years, I'm going to disappear for about five years to the states."

Ben laughed. "Give me a heads-up and I will be sure to join you." The room began to buzz with loud whispers which grabbed Ben's interest. He nudged Connor and pointed to a small group of people standing in the doorway. "Is that not Heath Ashton?"

Connor recognized him well. "The older gentleman beside him is his father." He glanced across the room to try to catch his brother's attention. Garret was already headed towards the door with a smile on his face. Connor watched as his to be wife, Garret's fiancée, joined his side and greeted the group with warm welcomes. He gazed over to his own father in the corner with his mother. He appeared to be occupying himself with a few men in conversation, but could see his father had a watchful eye to the door.

"What is this all about Connor? Your two families hate one another," Ben said.

"Loath one another would be a more correct statement. I can only assume they are here for Garret's wife to be," Connor said.

Ben chuckled. "Theresa, you mean."

"Who?" Connor turned to him.

"Your brother's soon to be wife-your soon to be sister-in-law," Ben said. "You do remember meeting her do you not, Connor?" Ben ended with a chuckle.

"Yes I do. I just can't ever remember her name." Connor observed his brother and Heath leaving the room followed by Heath’s father, John Ashton. "Pardon me for a moment Ben," Connor said and walked in the direction his father was standing. He placed himself beside him. "Father," he said with a nod as his father glanced his way with a stern face. Connor waited for the right opportunity to excuse them from the group. He noted his father's finger tapping against his glass. Connor knew he was agitated with the situation, but he also knew his father had to have given his permission for it as well. Garret never crossed his father on any matter.

Connor looked down at Miss Haggerty who at some point in time plopped down next to his mother on the chaise. His poor mother smiled with a wiry smile at Miss Haggerty and then Connor and back to Miss Haggerty. It had not yet been a month since Connor told old round Lady Haggerty to shut it…at the opera…in a singing opera voice as loud as he could, after a bottle of brandy filled his belly. If that was not enough to warrant an unpleasant visit to his mother, he then turned, grabbed Haggerty’s niece and kissed her hard and long. Followed only by an announcement to pluck her innocence like an apple from a tree.

Miss Haggerty rolled her eyes at him, so Connor gave her a little wink.

Beverly, Connor’s mother rose to her feet quickly. “My darling. I believe our son wishes to have a word with you.” The group fell silent.

He starred at his wife then said, “Pardon us gentlemen.” Connor walked with his father out through the French doors closing them behind him once they were out on the balcony.

“I presume this is about Ashton?” He did not give Connor a chance to respond. “Theresa is under the care of John Ashton. Not related in any way of course. But he has offered the Sunny Acer’s estate as dowry and your brother is finalizing the paper work as we speak.”

Connor chuckled. “Why now? I mean you have been trying for years to acquire those fields.”

“It is just business, Connor. He has no use for it and all of the estates surrounding Sunny Acer's are in my possession. I can only assume he came to the conclusion it is but a nuisance to own it.” His father turned to leave.

“Sunny Acres has been fought over for three generations between our two families and then suddenly he has no qualm about releasing it into your hands father?” Connor stood up straight and shook his head at him. “I don’t believe it.”

“You do not have to believe it son. You only have to accept it.” He then walked away.

Connor looked up at the night sky. The moon revealed only half of its self to the night. Every star flicked with a twinkle.  

“Oh, forgive me. I was not aware someone was out here.”

Connor turned upon hearing the woman’s soft sweet voice filled with surprise. The sight of her caught his breath momentarily. Her slender frame glided further out onto the balcony. “I do not mind,” he said. “The balcony is plenty big enough for us to share.” Connor could see she was trying not to give into a smile. He scuffed a line on the stone with his boot and then moved to the other side of the balcony. “That is the line that you are not allowed to cross.”

She pinched her lips together tight. “So this would be my corner over here.” She motioned to her left.

“Well you are not going to get both corners.” She smiled for him. “You do have to share.” Connor said. She let out a giggle at that. He gazed to her hand and noticed no ring upon her finger.

“I can share. I’m good at sharing,” she said and moved to her corner of the balcony. After a moment she gazed up. “Sometimes is looks as if the sky has been sprinkled with glitter.” She pointed up. “Night time is my favorite hours of the day.”

“I find that to be true for myself,” Connor said. He watched her gaze at the moon. “She is only half shy tonight.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Connor walked a little closer towards her. “The moon.”

She glanced back over to her left and leaned out on top of the balcony railing. “Oh, I see. Or you could say she is half daring tonight.”

“Are you a daring woman?” Connor asked with a devilish under tone. “Or are you shy?”

She glanced back at him as he drew even closer to her. “Perhaps both.” She twirled the fringe of her plum colored shawl around her fingers. A gentle breeze blew all the lose locks of hair around her check and chin.

Connor watched her tuck a few pieces of hair behind her ear. “Not at the same time I hope. That would be confusing for everyone around you.” He leaned on the balcony with his elbow. “Although very entertaining I might add.” It was hard for him to tell in the moon light what color her eyes were. Light green or blue he guessed. Her hair was so blond it nearly appeared white in the light.

She was still laughing as she walked over closer to where he stood.

“Ah, I expect that you remember and honor the line please,” Connor pointed down to their feet.

She looked down and drew her hand to her chest. “Oh dear, I nearly did forget about the line. Do forgive me. I do not know where my head has gone.” She gazed up to him with a shy smile. "I believe all this heat on my skin has me losing rational thought." She raised her hand to her check and slowly pulled back the hair that had come lose again. She watched him watch her. "This night air feels as if it is growing heavier and I seem to be having difficulty with coherent reasoning's." Her voice was so sultry she didn't even recognized it. Something about the way he was gazing at her was causing her to grow bold.

Yes, well, I had figured as much. This time I will over look the matter, but next time…well, I don’t know about next time but,” She laughed hard which made Connor laugh. “Let’s simply say next time there will have to be a reckoning so sorts.”

“A reckoning,” she repeated while still laughing.

“Yes…a…reckoning,” Connor said as he gazed at her. Her beauty is stunning. Blue-her eyes are light blue. God, she looks perfect in every way. Who is she? I bet her name is as beautiful as her big blue eyes.

“My sincere apology. I pledge to respect the line from this day forth,” she said as she gazed up at him again. Your eyes are as dark as the night covering us. So mysterious and yet warm. I feel- He smiled at her breaking her train of thought. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Is it a difficult one?” Connor raised an eyebrow at her. She shook her head no. “You may then, but I retain the option whether or not I feel the need to answer.” She smiled wide at him. “Your smile is contagious.” She covered it with her hand. “This is shy you, right?”

She removed her hand resting it on her chest. “I told you sometimes I am.”

Connor said softly, “I like the shy you. What else makes you shy?”

She gazed down at her hand now on the balcony. “Blurting out things I shouldn’t.”

Connor tilted his head at that. “Give me an example.”

She giggled. “Do you know Miss Haggerty?”

“A little too well,” Connor said. He was curious to where this was going. Did she know of what he had done?

“Okay, well, about a month ago she was at the opera, as I was with my cousin, and some man shouted for her to shut it, and then said he was going to pluck her nieces innocents. Well, afterwards she would not stop talking about it. So in a room filled with people I told her it was about time because the woman was turning into a spinster and she might actually enjoy it. I then added it might drive the gloomy witch out of her.”

Connor covered his mouth but could not contain his laughter. She started laughing with him till tears ran down her face. “I think you and I are the only ones to find this funny,” she said to him.

Connor composed himself. “I must tell you something even funnier.”


“The man who shouted those things was me!”

“What? No!” She hit his arm a couple of times as she laughed again. “I received an ear full for that one. My mother is still not speaking to me.”

“My mother did not know what to do with herself. My father on the other hand, well he sent me out to the country for the last month,” Connor said. “She is here you know, Miss Haggerty.”

She gazed up at him and said, “We should both be sure to stop and greet her before we leave this evening.” She shook her head up and down at him nodding yes.

“What?” he asked her with a smile. "My father would surly drive me out of the country."

“We are probably the only two people to ever insult Miss Haggerty. And we both did it within an hour of each other.”

“This is true. And to think, we both end up here, standing together under the half shy-half daring moon, talking about it.” Connor leaned back down on the balcony. “I have to say I’ve never met a woman like you before. I am glad you decided to come out here and share a balcony with me tonight.”

“So am I.” She gazed down at his hand on the balcony. “Please promise me you will go with me to pay our greeting to the old miserable hag.”

He chuckled and said, “Yes I promise. Now what was it you were going to ask me before?”

She giggled softly. “Oh, you are causing my shyness to reappear.”

“After what you just told me.” He teased her. “Hey, not only do we now share a balcony we are forever bonded with Miss Haggerty. You cannot possibly be shy with me now.”

“No, I suppose that’s true.” She paused. “What will you do if I was to cross the line?”

Connor leaned in closer. “That I have not yet decided.”

“Hmm, I see.” She looked out over the night sky. Slowly her foot slipped over the line and bumped his boot. He glanced down and back up at her. She had not moved her eyes from the sky. She slid her hand over the imaginary line of the balcony ledge. Her finger tips grazed his.

Connor chuckled. “A mire minor offence my lady.” He watched her smile widen. She took a big step and half way crossed the line.

Connor stood behind her and examined the position of her body verses the line. He walked back over to where he had been and said, “Well, now you look like the moon, half and half.”

She threw her head back and giggled. Connor took her in his arms. “Now I have you on my side and you can never go back.”

“I think I like it much better over here,” she said.

Connor kissed her with a tender touch. He felt no need to rush. It was as if he wanted the moment to last forever which was not like him. She ran her hands up into his thick black hair. He pulled her closer. “Oh you are definitely never going back over there,” he said through their kiss.

His hands slid down her back and cupped her bottom. She let out a soft moan and kissed him harder. She pushed him against the railing.

Connor broke the kiss. “This isn’t the shy half is it?”

“Shut it and kiss me,” she said. Connor laughed. He couldn’t help it. She was funny.

She slid her hands down and cupped his bottom. She whispered, “Your backside is firm.”
Connor grabbed her waist and said, “Okay...not shy.” He kissed her neck and trailed his tongue down to her shoulder. He heard her take in a deep breath.

“Do I kiss bad? I have never done this before. Would you like to go into the gardens?” she asked him. “I know of a little house in the back of the maze. I use to visit her as a child.”

Connor stopped. “You haven’t and you what?”

“Yes I-

The French doors started to open and Connor flew six feet from her. Heath stood in the doorway.

He pointed to Connor. “You stay away from her, Welling.”

“Welling?” she repeated.

Heath looked at her and said, “Let’s go, Missy.”

“Missy?” Connor repeated.

Heath took her by the hand and started to pull his sister through the doors. She gazed back at Connor and he could see she was as shocked as he was.

Connor stood at the edge of the balcony. The last hours events running through his mind as he tried to make sense of it all. He looked at the doorway and strided towards it. He pulled the doors open and stormed out into the room. "Ashton!" Connor screamed with bruitle strength over the crowd below him. He pointed at Heath Ashton at the other end of the room.

Ashton stopped with Missy at his side at the threshold of the door and turned to face Connor.

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Romantica Short Story

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"Surrendering" to Whispers of Desire

A single intimate moment of pleasure will remain within our hearts for a lifetime. Love is the most intoxicating emotion prevailing through time. We never forget or diminish that single moment in our memory.