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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Where do you suppose he went?"

Theresa saw the spark in Elly's eyes and could not help but smile herself at the possibility of it. "I believe Mr. Welling went to fetch something important to him."

Elly giggled rather loud. Her excitement was obvious. "Do you think he will catch up to her?" Elly whispered while gazing out over the group of men in front of them.

"I'm fairly positive he is riding hard enough to do so." Theresa shook her head as her lips curled slightly.

"Could anything be more romantic? I wonder what he will say to her?" Elly grabbed Theresa's arm. "Do you think he will just take her in his arms and kiss her without a word spoken first? Like a romance novel when the hero realizes he loves the heroin and chases her down to tell her but when he sees her he can think of nothing else other than taking her into his strong arms."

She heard Elly let out a sigh. Theresa's smile grew. She leaned closer to Elly, "He will if he's smart."  Elly's grip tighten slightly on her arm. 

Missy's head slammed into the carriage door handle. Two of the men fought with one another to have first dibs with her, one of which still had her in his grasp. The collar of her dress dug into the back of her neck as he struggled with the stocky man behind him. She reached up and attempted to push away his hand on her chest to free the material.

This can not be my fate, not like this.

"Hey fellas, take a look at this." Neither of the men heard him. The slender man whistled causing the horses to stir. Both men stopped and swung their heads in his direction. He took a step forward. "It would seem we struck gold tonight." He held up a coin purse that dangled from his finger by the petite string. He waved his arm towards Missy. "Boys may I introduce Lady Missy Ashton." He then took a bow.

The others chuckled at the news. The slender man stepped towards her. "The daughter of marquise Ashton and sister to the famously asinine, Lord Heath Ashton." He came up beside her and gently took up a lock of her hair between his fingers. He gazed at her with amusement. "You my dear a worth far more than just coin." He watched her eyes grow at his words. A grin slithered across his cheeks. "Your brother owes me my life back, but, not before I take my-" His gaze fell to her chest. "Retribution for his greed and...well I suppose it is not your concern."

Missy did not break eye contact with him all the while feeling his finger trace down over her cleavage. She understood her life would end tonight and yet she held no fear of it. Up until this point she had not spoken to any of the men. Some how with her lips trembling fiercely she managed to lean closer to him and said, "Do what you must but know this, I will not fear you. I will not beg for mercy. I most certainly will not be submissive." Missy then spit in his face.

"Perhaps he is riding up to the carriage as we speak," Elly said softly. "I bet Missy is wondering why the carriage is slowing down or maybe it has already stopped. Connor is most likely knocking on the window this moment!"

Theresa patted Elly's hand still squeezing her arm. "Her first kiss will be magical."

Elly giggled. Theresa looked at her. "What is it?"

"He was her first kiss years ago!"

"That was him?" Theresa asked. "She use to talk about it all the time Elly."

Elly grew quiet just then. "I had teased her about it tonight and I believe that was the reason why she left."

Theresa said, "Well it is only because she still feels so strongly for him El. Do not worry, besides if you had not he would not be chasing her down as we speak."

Elly smiled. "That is true!. Oh I can't wait to hear what he said to her. To think about the carriage door opening and she sees him gazing at her with a hungry wanton gaze."

"Elly. A hungry wanton gaze? Are you reading romance novels or writing them El?" Theresa asked with a giggle. She leaned up against Elly and placed the back of her wrist to her forehead resting her head against Elly's. "Oh it is all too romantic El. Please, the room is growing warmer. I feel I may...I may...I may faint," she said with her best whispered dramatic tone.

Elly's laughter drew attention of the men before them.

Missy's body flew through the air at the two men. "Have at it boys," he said as he wiped his face. "She is all yours tonight just don't kill her yet."

One of the men glared up at him as he reached for Missy on the ground. "Where is the fun it that?"

Still wiping his face he walked over to Missy. "I'm sure you will figure out how to amuse yourselves in other ways. Besides I said don't kill her. I never said not to ravage her...did I?" He tossed his handkerchief at Missy's face and winked at her.

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