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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 2

Chapter 2

Connor felt the fury of a hundred men run threw him. Heath has put his own sister up to this without her knowing it?

Heath flashed him a grin and then turned and left. Upon entering the carriage he looked to Missy. "Did he touch you?"

"No!" Missy replied. She turned away from him and stared out the window into the night. Connor. After all these years. He looks nothing like he use to as a child. The carriage hit a pothole and she felt the jolt. It shook her from the toughts. Heath was glaring at her and she could feel it. He had no right bargging out on the balcony like that. As if I am some child that needs a firm hand on me.

"Do not look at me that way Missy. You should be thanking me instead of squinting at me. If it was Father who had found you." He stopped and just shook his head. "I am no fool Missy. I am a man and I know just what Welling was thinking."

"You can be certian of no such thing Heath! Stop assuming and stay out of my business for once." She crossed her arms and her eyes fell back upon the window. The remainder of the carriage ride home was long. Neither of them said another word to one another.

Two days later at the Morton Ball

Missy felt Theresa's arm loop through her arm. "Do not tell me you have volunteered to chaperon me this evening Theresa." Missy received a sideways smile from her. "I gave my word I shall be on my best behavior."

"I respectful accepted the request knowing you would keep your promise. Your brother worries about you is all Missy."

She rolled her eyes. "Controlling is what he is Theresa and do not attempt to tell me different, he is my brother after all my dear cousin." Taking in a deep breath she finally said, "I was not aware it was Connor that night Missy." Theresa stopped and looked at her with a warm compassion. "I feel foolish for not recognizing him. If I had I would've never spoken to him. I love my brother and remain loyal to my family. Besides, I am certain he was unaware I was who I am as well."

Theresa began walking to the ball room again. "Oh I know he did not Missy."

Missy paused. "Why? What did he say to you?"

Theresa gazed into her wide pale blue eyes and saw a spark of more than just curiosity in them. She patted her arm lovingly and said, "I was getting the feeling he felt as foolish as you do is all."

Missy knew she was not going to be able to pry any more details out of her. Now was not the time.

Missy heard Heath's voice close by. Theresa squeezed her arm when she saw Garret. Her cousin was so in love with this man. Missy released her arm and gave Theresa a smile when she glanced back at her.

The couple left to the dance area leaving her to stand with Heath. She did her best to ignore him which wasn't hard given he was not much for conversation with her anyways.

"Missy! Missy!" She turned to see her good friend Elly. "I think everyone in the ton is in attendance tonight," Elly said.

"It most certainly feels that way. Elly, you are wearing my favorite dress on you. Pink is your best color." Elly smiles at her. "I am so happy you are back from the country. How was it?"

Elly smiles at her again. "You know I do not care for the country. This is what I love. All the balls and people. I feel out of sorts in the boring country." She gazed over to Missy's bother. "Good evening Heath." He turns slightly and gazes down at her and with a smile.

Missy steps between them and nudges Elly in the opposite direction. Walking away she said, "Do not pay him any of your attention. It would simply be but a waist El." After they had gone a good distance Missy whispered to her, "You are not going to believe what happened to me a few nights ago El."

"Do not keep me in suspense. What is it?"

Missy guides her up the staircase away from eager ears to gossip. "I met someone wonderful three nights ago."

El grabbed her arms. "Is he here tonight? Will you introduce us?" Elly saw her eyes sadden. "What is wrong Missy? Is he married?"

"No nothing like that. He is amazing and funny and so handsome I was melting in his arms when he kissed me?"

"You kissed him!"

"Shh El," Missy whispered. "Yes. After we had such stimulating conversation. I have never felt such a strong connection with another like I had with him. Heath found us on a balcony and dragged me away."

"Oh I see," Elly said. "Perhaps he will call upon you soon and then apologize to-

"No El. That will never happen. I am forbidden to see him and have been for many years now."

Elly tilted her head. "I'm confused."

"It was Connor Welling. Oh El, I did not even know it." Missy knew Elly would be as surprised as she was at the news.

"But how Missy? How did you not know?

"He did not know it was me either El." She gazed down over the increasing crowd. "I guess we have both changed so much these past ten years. El, he looks nothing like he had. He is built and so handsome and charming." Missy gazed back at Elly. "Why are you smiling like that at me?"

"Oh no reason other than you have been only kissed twice in your life and both by the same man. I find it romantic. Your very first kiss with the boy who you had a crush on, and now with the man who used to be that boy." Elly sighed. "It is fate Missy."

Missy rolled her eyes. "Really? Fate had me kiss the same person twice and both times fate also had my brother find me and drag me away. That is not fate El. Bad luck is what it is called."

"I do hope he is here tonight Missy. I want to see your future handsome husband," Elly said.

"Missy closed her eyes and then said, "I do not know way I talk to you anymore El. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard you say." Fate.

"What did Heath say when he discovered you with Welling?"

Missy turns to gaze out over the crowd. "He was his usual self. Mean, heartless, and angry. You know El. "Missy pauses and bits up her bottom lip. "He did not afford me a chance to explain."

"All on London knows how Heath and Connor feel about each other. You could not of been so surprised Missy. Besides, I happen to cross paths with Heath the other afternoon in the park and he was quite pleasant. He can be somewhat charming you know." Elly glances at Missy. "Oh stop gawking at me that way...he was very pleasant." Her voice trails off to a whisper.

Missy let out a huff and shakes her head at Elly. "If you find him to be so charming than perhaps you should go and seek him out El."

Elly places her hand on her hip and says, "Perhaps I shall do just that!" Elly spins around and leaves for the stairs.

"You can inform him I will be returning home shortly without an escort, thank you!"

Elly pauses and turns back to Missy but says nothing. Missy watches as Elly disappears into the ever growing crowd.

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