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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 9

Chapter 9

Missy could feel his frustration as his gaze burned through her. "Twice?" she asked softly. The firm grip she had on the sheet softened and her eyes dropped to the floor.

Connor glanced over the length of her body slowly. He pointed to her midsection and said, "You are wounded on your left side. This was the reason your dress was damaged. When I realized you were bleeding, I-I ripped it off you."

Ripped it off? With her right hand she held the sheet tightly across her chest and peeled back the outer layer of the sheet with her left hand. Is it under my breast because I do not see a thing other than a strip of cloth running around me? Missy pulled her breast up and unknowingly exposed herself.

"It is further up," Connor said. He stared at Missy's nipple peaking out at the top of the sheet. The more she moved the more the sheet inched down. Her nipple was erect and rest between her thumb and finger. He imagined her dropping the sheet and cupping her breasts, teasing him wickedly. Turn around. Don't stare, it is only going to make it worse. God, my cock has never throbbed with this much pain in less than twenty-four hours before.

"Connor I do not see it," she said.

He walked over to her and took her by the hand leading Missy over to a full length mirror. Standing closely behind her, Connor slowly pulled back the sheet, exposing half her naked body. "You were at some point last night stabbed here."

She watches his fingers trace over the bandages at her side. His breath tickled the back of her neck and skimmed over and down her shoulder. His thumb brushed up and down  her side as they both watched his fingers in the mirror. Her gazed darted up to his reflection.

He felt a slight tremble ripple through her. Stepping closer he almost closed the distance between them. "I was terrified when I saw you bleeding." Her eyes widened. "In an insistent everything flashed before me." Connor moved his other hand to her waist. "Your smile. Your laugh. The sound of your voice. The way you say my name." He leaned down to her ear. "The way I feel for you." He gazed to her eyes in the mirror and saw a glossy sheen cover them. "I knew at that moment," Connor kissed her neck softly, "I could not lose you, Missy." He watched her eyes close and tears fell down over her cheeks.

Her heart was pounding. Her knees grew weak. His kiss deepens on her neck. "Connor." She whispered allowing her head to fall back against his shoulder.

He reached for Missy's hand holding the sheet and pulled it away from her body. "I died everyday we were apart." He pulled Missy's chin up to him and kissed her gently.

Missy felt the sheet slide out of her hand and puddle at her feet. Connor drew her body closer against him sliding his arms around her waist. The softness of her skin under his hand was hot. So many years he has dreamt about this moment. Fantasizing so many nights about her in his arms as he stood beneath her balcony window, watching her grieve over what he was not strong enough to fight for.

He broke their kiss and let his lips trail down her neck to her shoulder. He held her so close fearing if he let go she may be gone. "Forgive me," he whispered against her skin.

Connor held his head down on her shoulder. He wouldn't look at her. Missy turned in his arms and cupped his cheek in her hand. She ran her thumb over his lips as she gazed into his eyes. "We were so young. There is nothing to forgive Connor," she said and then kissed them with all the passion she carried for him.

He deepens the kiss. The passionate explosion of a desire that was never filled between them now burned out of control. A lustful desire laced with unfulfilled passion and love engulfed them as they stood in each other's arms. With every second that passed it grew with the fierce intent of becoming everything and more that they held back from for so many years.

Connor paused as he heard the click of the door latch behind him.

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  1. are you finished?

    1. Thank you so very much for your intrest in the story. I will have it completely finished by this coming Monday. I honestly thought no one was reading the stories, so thank you foe reaching out.

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  2. Please add link to chapter 11..
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    1. I am sorry I posted chapters 10, 11, and 12 last week. Now they are gone!!!! Let me see if I have them saved the unedited chapters to word docs. Sorry :-(


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