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Romantica Short Story ~ A Forbidden Love chapter 5

Chapter 5

Up ahead Connor saw a carriage stopped in the middle of the road.  The dim light of a lantern moved around off to the right around what look like a group of horses. Leading his stead off to the tree line he patted on the large beasts neck to quiet him. He crept silently towards the carriage. The saw Missy thrown to the ground and worse yet, heard the thud she made when her body made contact with the ground. Connor's heart seized. A nauseous numbing sensation flooded his body. Every instinct in him urged him to move forward but his training and common sense channeled him to observe the situation. Two men with her and one is out of view. Connor pulled out a knife from it's holster. Take the smallest one out first then the fat one. He lurked closer and as he did he bent down and picked up a large rock.

He watched Missy kick the fat one in the knee and he went down immediately. This made Connor's task easier now. He was relieved up until the fat one got up on his good knee and punched Missy in the stomach. Connor's plan was to throw the rock behind the small guy to distract him but now he could not wait. He silently came up behind the small one and yelled, "Hey!" His deep loud bellowing generated the reaction he needed.

Garret laughed at the two women across from him. "Are you ladies amusing yourselves?" Their giggles trailed off. "I take it your company is not as entertaining as much as you desire it to be." He walked closer closing the gap between them. "Do I dare ask what is so funny?"

Theresa and Elly glance to one another. "Theresa, shall we share our thoughts on romantic ideas with your fiance?" Elly asked.

Theresa watched Garret's eyebrows rise. "Darling, it is probably best if you don't." A smirk formed on his face.

"Connor is obviously the romantic in the family," Elly whispered to Theresa.

Connor made contact with the rock in his hand and the small man's head, knocking him out instantly. The fat man struggled to get to his feet from over Missy's body. She rolled out from under him and began to crawl towards the carriage.

The gleam from the shinny knife in the moon light hit the man in his eyes blinding him momentarily. Connor ran up to him. "You spineless fuc-" The end of that sentence was muted out by Connor's foot slamming into the under side of the fat man's jaw, sending him flying backwards.

"Ahh," Missy screamed out.

Connor whipped around. She dangled on her tiptoes as a tall man dressed in all black held her by the throat. Analyzing the man's position on Missy, Connor knew he was prepared to snap her neck.

"You sir a ruining a good time with my friends and I. Who are you?" The man asked.

"I was riding home and saw the carriage pulled over." Connor took a step forward. "Please take what you need and leave. I give you my word I saw nothing here and neither did the lady."

"Hahaha." He tightened his grip around her neck. "I have what I need right here." He slowly touched his lips to Missy's cheek all the while still starring at Connor. "Don't I...Miss Ashton?"

Connor's heart rate slowed and he realized it was Missy the man wanted. He wasn't going to kill her which was a relief to him for now. What the bloody hell does he want with her? His eyes feel to Missy. She held no fear in them. "Are you all right Miss Ashton?" He was careful not to lead on that he knew her.

"She is perfectly fine, aren't ya love?" The man said. Missy said nothing. He took a hold of her hair a yanked her head back. Connor lept towards them. The man held out his hand and pointed his finger at Connor. "I am certain you do not won't to be the reason for her death do you?" He chucked deeply.

Missy felt the vibration of it seep in through her back and find it's way to her chest causing her heart to race. The essence of evil within him engulfed her. She held Connor's gaze. He had to of seen the pleading in her eyes.

"I thought not." He said as he saw Connor freeze in place. "Drop the knife in your hand and walk around to the other side of the wagon, slowly." The man kept his distance from Connor while carrying Missy with him. "Now face the Carriage and put your hands on it palms down.

 Connor did as he was told after sliding the guards lifeless leg off to the side out of his way. "If it is money you want I can get you it. We can just leave the lady here and you can follow me to my estate. I will give you whatever you desire there."

As Garret walked away with Heath to get them some drinks, Elly turned to Theresa. "I know Missy still cares for him."

"I believe so as well. Garret and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and we came up upon a tree with an engraving in the bark."

"What did it say?" Elly asked.

Theresa smiled. "Connor and Missy. I questioned Garret about it and he said Connor had carved it a year after they were separated by the families."

Elly placed her hands over her heart. "Oh Theresa, I do hope Missy will listen to her heart and not her stubborn thinking this time. She has always blamed Connor for trying harder when it came to his father."

"I remember that," Theresa said. "When we were at the tree, Garret reached his arm into a big hole inside the trunk of the tree and pulled out a small wooden box. Inside it was a blue faded ribbon and a ring."

"What? It is Missy's right?" Elly's eyes were growing teary.

Theresa shook her head yes. "Can you imagine all these years still holding a love for someone in that way? Garret said he knows Connor still comes back to the tree from time to time." Theresa grew quiet for a moment.

"What is it Theresa?"

"Garret told me Connor was a mess for a long time after the families tore them apart. He said Connor would leave the house every night a few hours after diner. One night he followed him. Guess where he went Elly."

Elly could not contain her emotions for the two of them and the love they still held. Tears seeped down her cheeks.

"He watched Connor for about an hour sit under Missy's window and stare up at it. Garret said he did this almost every night for a long time and then it slowly tapered off to just once a week and then about three years ago he stopped," Theresa said and then looped her arm threw Elly's. "How about some fresh air?"

"I don't you I have what I need right here. Why do I have the feeling you are acquainted with the Lady Ashton?" The man paused for an answer. "I'm sorry....what is your name?"

Connor thought about lying but was taught to stay as close to the truth in these situations as possible. "I am Connor Welling. Really I am nobody of any importance. May I ask why Lady Ashton is of value to you?"

"No you may not! Do you know her Welling?" The man asked rather loudly.

"Are families know of one another and yes I knew her when we were young." Connor said it like it held no meaning to him.

"Aha I see now." The man said. He pulled up Missy's chin towards him. "Do you remember the gallant Mr. Welling Missy?" He then chuckled slowly. "I wonder if he would like to come with us to met your fate? I would much prefer your brother but-" He glared over at Connor 12 feet from them. "I think Mr. Welling will do."

"Where might that be?" Connor asked.

The man smiled with a wide grin. "I do believe you Mr. Welling may be surprised, in fact, I am positive you will be."

The fresh breeze on Elly's face soothed her overly wound up emotions. She leaned on the balcony railing and gazed up at the stars. "Missy wears a locket around her neck that she has never removed."

"It was given to her by Connor a week before they were forbidden to see one another," Theresa said softly.

"She has never allowed me to open it. I wonder what is in it." Elly said.

Theresa gazed over to Elly and said, "Perhaps she will show us someday."

Connor turned to the man and said, "I will go."

Missy struggled in the man's arms. "He has nothing to do with this. Just make him leave so we can get on with this." She gazed at Connor and locked eyes with him. "I am not scared to die. My life, the one I wanted, was taken from me years ago. Since then it has been meaningless."

Connor froze. He held her gaze. His heart beat with a painful surge of joy and fear.

The man pulled on her dress ripping off the top buttons at her collar. "How touching Lady Ashton but really I don't give a shit." She pushed against him causing her dress to tear more.

Connor saw the gold reflection of her locket against her skin. After a moment he shouted, "God! Will you just shut up Ashton. You were always running at the mouth. I can see you haven't changed much."

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