Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love, Seduction, and Betrayal

Is what you will find in the finally up coming chapters in this short romantica story, "A Forbidden Love".

Connor Wellington and Missy Ashton were torn apart and forbidden to see one another years ago. A love so passionate it was never forgotten. A chance encounter has brought these two lost loves back together and with it all the troubles from the past. The deep divide of hatred and despise still
run strong between these two families.

Start from the beginning.

Connor Welling & Missy Ashton

Short Romantica Story

Chapter 1
A Forbidden Love.

With a torch in one hand, he took her hand in his other and pulled her towards the stairs leading down.

"Wait!" she cried. Gazing back to the guards quickly closing in on them, she had but moments to decide. Nervously clenching her night gown in her hands she squeezed her eyes shut. The pounding of the guards feet were drawing closer. "Missy," she heard him say. Opening her eyes she gazed down at him with breathless un decidedness. "Where are you taking me?" Missy asked him.

"Somewhere we will not be found, and you will be safe." He held out his hand to her once more. "Please Missy," his tone was deep and commanding. She could see fear in his eyes.

"I see her! This way!" One of the guards shouted.

If she didn't make a decision soon there fates will be sealed. "Conner," she whispered to him and placed her hand in his.

He smiled and said, "I would have taken you anyways. You know that don't you?" He watched her lips curl up in that tender way that had first caught his eye.

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