Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let me set something straight for eveyone visiting here...


I woke up this morning to 11 new mean nasty comments...Oh hell no! 


My definition of soon is when I have time or feel like writing. I am not selling or getting paid to write all these stories, so when I write coming "soon", it will be on MY time not your time.
I will admit all the pushy pissy people commenting and emailing me about how they have been waiting forever (10 days) and it's been too long for this story or when will I start that story, is all but making me want to scream. I was close to just closing down all my web sites and blogs just so I didn't have to read one more impatient comment from those who seem to be stuck in the I want now mode. People, deal with it!
I love that you want to read more. I am grateful for your passion for them but why is it you only comment when you are impatient and feel like complaining? There are many of you who have been so kind and supportive. Pages of Romance blog was started as a way for me to just release creative energy and now it has thousands of reader's a day, which is great but at the end of that day I will write when I want to.

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