Saturday, April 27, 2013

As His Fingertips Trail Down My...

 Brook O'Brien

The softness of his touch forces my body to arch up towards him. An unwilling motion to stop it renders me helpless underneath his spell. Strong firm fingertips caress my exposed skin tantalizing every sense within me. Slowly and teasingly, he draws out of me what has for so long lain dormant.

Awakening is the woman I've never known. This stranger wants nothing more than to allow his desires to overtake me. An unfamiliar feeling of freedom arises with a single stroke of his fingertip. A deep seeded addiction to the way his skin feels on mine is consuming my every thought. This erotic creature inside me is clawing her way out hidden in the depth of what I tried to deny.

Lust, passion, and seduction plague me with promises of fulfillment. As his fingertips trail down the back of my neck his wicked tongue lingers after it. Hot moist breath skims over past his lips to meet my bare skin acting as a hypnotic mist steadying my trembling body.

I need salvation from this. I want release from his wicked graze across my naked flesh. He draws out of me a panting that is tainted with sinful thoughts so teasingly naughty it will remain unprofessed and confined within my fantasies.  

His mouth taunts my flesh. His hands rip at my resistance. In a moment of surrender my clothing finds its way to the floor. Puddled around my bare feet lay the only wall of resistance I held. The woman who I thought to be so strange within me is now here. A heightened sense of passion is all I feel in this moment. The firm pressure of his fingertips sink into the back of my hair as my head tilts back with his force I gaze into his eyes as he whispers my name.

The warmth of his breath pants with a rush across my skin drawing yet closer to him. A needy hunger glazes over in his eyes and in the moment I now realize I am helpless to every desire he carries for me. I long to feel his passion deep within me filling my body fully. Taste the greed of his erect length.

All our movements cease as our lips hoover but a mere inch away from one another. A kiss says everything to the heart and I wait with nervous wonder as to what his will reveal. Even though my words at the start said only one night and this was all he had asked for still, his gaze is saying so much more.

My hand glides down from his neck and pauses resting over his heart. It is pounding with thunderous strength. I want so desperately to be the only one his heart beats for. As my deepest desired thought escapes out into the world I feel the heat of his skin cover my hand upon his chest. He presses my hand down firm against him allowing me to feel the pulsation.  

“You affect me in ways I have never suffered before. Please, cure my agony. Your lingering lustful lips taunt my desires and have plagued my dreams leaving me in a position of anguish. I pray with your kiss you will release me from my prison of yearning after you. Alleviate my thirst to taste your voluptuous red sin and kiss me,” Landon whispered. 

Surreal words fell from his mouth and she silenced them with her soft readied kiss.

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  1. A first kiss. One night. His title and family's good name. Her reputation and future. A passion burning so hot between two people they will risk everything to have it.

    Can love really do this?


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