Saturday, April 13, 2013

Erotic Short Story ~ Seductive Deception

Seductive Deception


Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion 

Chapter 13

“I can’t explain it you have to see for yourself. As Kit crossed the dining room she heard it. She
gazed back to Hailey. “What is going on? Who is that?” And then she heard him clear as day. Her hand flew to her lips. The thud of her heart drowned out Hailey’s voice. Kit walked over to the door and pulled it open.

“Don’t go out there, Kitra,” Hailey shouted.

Kit stepped off the curb into the road. She saw him. Standing in the rain screaming her name. He was walking away from her down the street. Kit opened her mouth but nothing came out.

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