Friday, November 11, 2011

One Of The Sexiest Words Is...Desire

    Desire. This one word has many definitions within it. It is one of my favorite words in the English language. I suppose it is why I have used it in the title of my first series of romance novels. To me it seems to carry a feeling of seduction when I hear the word. A promise of more some how. You never hear it anymore in everyday language. I see it often in historical romance novels. What can desire imply when it comes to romance?

    To be put in a simple way, desire is to want or wish. A fancy for an object or person in passing. The formal description of want or wish was used by people from a time when language was beautiful and artistic. A desire to talk to someone who catches your attention.

    Go a little deeper and the word desire is also to have a longing for or a craving and yearning. These three words carry a slightly heavier meaning. They imply more thought has been put into one's desire for something or better yet, someone. From a romance stand point this suggest a stronger desire backed by intense emotion with visible effects on a person. A desire to touch someones hand. A desire to feel one's lips and to taste them.

    Between a man and a woman the word can come down to need. A need to have them, be with them. A need that consumes their every though. The idea that one will never again live a fulfilling life without the other is the ultimate desire. To read about a man's desire or need for the woman he loves is so intoxicating to me. I find it even sexier when he tries to run from it and deny it to himself. The moment he realizes he could not possible live without her and he then must tell her or better yet show her, is for me explosive. At this stage of the book my house could be burning down and I would have not a clue.

    I use the word desire often in the two novels I've written. I feel it suggest the deepest emotion possible for a person when it comes to falling in love. This simple word desire can mean the world to a woman. It is a promise of everything. To a man it carries with it the weight of his heart. A heart he is willing to now give to you.

What are some of your favorite words when it comes to romance and love?

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