Monday, November 14, 2011

Ohhh, So Very...Sinful

    Sinfully sweet, sinfully sexy, sinfully naughty, sinfully just sinful. Wet your lips and say the word sinful out loud. Feel how it slips around your tongue and over your lips. I bet you look sexy when you are saying it too. Whisper it softly. A sexy word it is...sinful. It even looks sexy on paper. When you see the word sinful or sinfully, an excitement has to start building up inside you as you read it. This simple word suggest what may be coming, which is the wicked fantasies characters have for one another. Naughty desires that they withhold from each other until, it can no longer be contained. Devilish desires revealed in a moment of heated passion. Is there any other romantic way? I would say not...other wise it wouldn't be romance.

    What does sinful mean? Well the definition is wicked, naughty, bad, and it even listed dirty. I'll take those and add some more...

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