Friday, November 18, 2011

Forbidden from a love so passionate they will do anything to save it.


   There is nothing more enticing than a forbidden love. Two people so desperate to feel one another in each others arms they'll do anything to feel it just one more time. Drawn to one another by a physical realm that can only be understood by one's heart. So in love that they meet in secret. A hush-hush passionate love kept quiet for fear of discovery.

   Connor Welling and Missy Ashton are pulled together by a physical force that is undeniable. Their eyes met once. Their lips touched just once. And now...their hearts are bound together forever. In one night their lives changed. A love grew between them so strong it tied them to one another for enternity. A love of passion, of desire, of devotion. A love shared that is also forbidden.

   He has vowed to spend  the rest of his life fighting for her love against all that stand between them. She will wait an eternity for him to do so.

Can true love concur all?

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