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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 2

Chapter 2

Kate's eyes fluttered open she gazed up to see Jagger starring out the window of the carriage. His expression told her everything he had not yet spoken to her. He was gone. He was truly never coming back for her. She would never hear his voice again. Never experience again the way his neck smelled as she buried her noise in it. Feel his strong arms wrap around her pulling her close to him.

Tears began to blur her vision and she closed them tight. She felt as though she was choking, suffocating, being buried alive inside a box of her own pain.

Kate pushed her face into the soft red velvet cushion and let out the cries that she held in for two long years. The sudden outburst startled Jagger and he leaped forward to Kate's side.

"Kate, I'm so very sorry."

"I never told him how I truly feel and now I will never be able to Jagger," Kate said.

"Kate look at me," Jagger said. "He was never going to let you marry Beckum. He was coming back for you."

She wrapped her arms around Jagger's neck and thanked him. They spent the next three hours riding through the country talking. Jagger encouraged Kate to look towards the future. Kate had asked if Jagger would attend her party for moral support. She expressed he was the only other one who had cared for him as she does. Jagger accepted the invitation.

Jagger dropped Kate off in front of her London townhouse. After waving her good-byes she stood facing the townhouse. She didn't want to go in and face her brother who would certainly demand answers for where she has been all afternoon. Within moments she found herself walking away down the street.

She was positive she looked simply dreadful, but she didn't care. Her heart was breaking and if she had to at this moment step one foot inside her brother's house, she would lose it. Knowing how happy the news of his death would make her brother was too much to bear.

Kate turned the corner as she was staring off across the street at a happy couple arm in arm and she ran into a tall solid man.

"Oh!" She screamed right before her bottom found the ground.

The tall man stood over her. "Foolish chit! Next time do watch where you are going and not in another direction." He stepped over her and proceeded across the street.

Kate began to giggle out loud when she realized it was Beckum. "Perfect." She said in between her laughter to herself. Then she suddenly stopped. Out of nowhere came the question in her mind. How was she going to get out of bed tomorrow knowing he is gone forever? What was the rest of her life going to be like?

She remained sitting on the corner of Eastwood and Summers Set, just starring down at her lap.

"May I offer you some assistance my Lady?"

Kate gazed up to see a man holding out his hand to her. With the sun now almost disappearing into the horizon for the day, Kate could not get a good look at him. She noted his long untrimmed beard and well fitting clothes, fit for a gentleman.

She slowly raised her hand and slid it in his hand. The man carefully pulled Kate to her feet.

"I was in fear you were seriously injured. On my way into the cigar shop I saw you bump into a man and I assumed he was going to aid you. I was in the shop for quite some time and when I emerge you were still in the same spot I had last saw you in," he said.

Kate glance across the street to the cigar shop and said, "Well thank you for your concern and kindness."

"I shall like to escort you home mam," he offered.

Kate looked around her and then let out a sigh. She thought for a moment on how she would explain this to her brother and then said, "I accept your kind offer Sir..."

"You can call me Bellford," he said.

"I live down a few blocks this way." Kate pointed.

He held out his arm for her and they began walking. The first half a block neither of them spoke.

"I was surprised the man you bumped into did not offer you help. Any reasonable gentlemen would," Bellford said.

Kate shook her head slightly in agreement. "That is to be my future husband if my brother has his way." Kate said then laughed at the thought of it and his actions.

The man remain quiet for a second then said, "You could refuse him. I mean after all he did step over you and left you sitting on brick paves."

Kate stopped and looked at the man. "I don't love him. I don't want him. I despise him." After a moment Kate continued walking. "I'm sorry. I-I am not myself today and should not be in the company of others."

He chuckled softly. "I'm told that about myself often the last few years."

Kate looked to him. "You seem to me to be a pleasant fellow."

"Yes well people are not always who they seem to be at times. I did something dishonorable a few years back and have had to live with the regret of it." He said.

"Is it something you can set right," Kate asked.

"I fear it may be too late." He said.

After a second Kate asked, "May I ask what it was that you did?"

He remained quiet then said, "I ran away from the woman I love, the only woman I have ever loved. I nearly took her innocence and then left. I was scared and foolish in thinking she would always be waiting for me and now," he paused, "And now, she is to marry another man."

Kate squeezed his arm as she stopped him. "Do not give up Bellford. I am nearly certain she awaits you somewhere. If she truly loves you then she waits for you."

Bellford smiled at her. "Perhaps there is hope."

"Kate! Where the devil have you been?" Gary shouted from a few houses down.

"I'm sorry that is my brother," Kate said.

Bellford looked at him then at Kate. "I shall escort you the remainder of the way and introduce myself."

"Oh no that is not-"

"Do not worry Katie, it will be ok," Bellford said.

Kate starred at him. No one called her Katie but-

"Kate, I have sent out men looking for you all over London," Gary shouted at her.

"And here she is safe and sound at your door." Bellford said as he extended out his arm to shake hands with Gary. "I found your Kate on the ground a few blocks down. Apparently, her to be husband knocked her over and then proceeded to step right over her on the street with everyone watching. Quit a charming man was my first impression of him I have to say." Bellford looked to Kate. "Would you not agree Lady Kate?"

Kate tried to stop herself from smiling.

Gray took Kate's arm and said, "Thank you for seeing her home sir."

Bellford bowed to Gary. "It was my pleasure sir." He then winked at Kate as Gary turned to go inside with Kate on his arm.

Gary took Kate to the sitting room off to the left of the entrance. "Good God Kate! Why did you take off all day and then show up with that-that strange looking man?"

Kate sat down on the sofa. "I had many things to do and ran around all day and then I happened upon an old friend and received some news. He is not strange looking Gary."

Gary picked up the poker and jabbed it into the fire sending embers popping into the room. He took his shoe and pushed them back towards the fireplace. Gary turned to Kate and said, "You cannot run about London as you please. I will not allow it!"

Kate pinched her lips together. Then after a moment said, "I am a grown woman Gary and refuse to be treated like a girl in finishing school. You-"

"I, dear sister, am in charge of this house and everything in it,! No more running about London with strange men." Gary shouted.

Kate stood up. "I will not be held up in this house. I will not be used to pay your debit and I am not marring Beckum!"

Gary strode towards the sofa and slapped Kate across the cheek. Kate gasped and cupped her burning skin.

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